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Jamai Raja Written episode 12th February 2016

Jamai Raja Written episode 12th February 2016

Sid believes Poornima is nearer and he must make Roshni remembers the past. Roshni asks why she’s teary eyes and comes to her. Jyoti says that is why tear is there in her eye, and she was cutting an onion. Roshni says she met with Sid and needed responses from him. She says she asks for her support and needs to recall her past. Shabnam believes, so this is going on between them and hears them.

Shabnam attempts to instigate Kunal against Jyoti Tai and goes. He says he got nearer to her at the thought of Jyoti Tai. If he’s a guy or pajama Shabnam inquires. She attempted to get her nearer to Sid and says it was Jyoti’s strategy to distinguish Roshni from him. She says that is why he has been gone far from by Roshni. Twinkle gives strength to him and requests him to win Roshni. After Sid requests him to make the arrangements prepared and speaks to Pinto. DD certainly will triumph and tells Sid that he’s doing for his love. Premal hears her and believes DD is supporting his love and Jyoti.

Jyoti requests Roshni to take care and brings carpeting. Bansi requests Jyoti who asked her to clean the carpeting and requests Shabnam to look over the carpeting. Jyoti says ok. Jyoti Tai keeps down the carpeting, and takes out Roshni. Kunal and Shabnam see the carpeting and tell they are joint. They see Roshni and Jyoti Tai leaving. Kunal says he’ll take the bike out and follow them. DD looks for Shabnam and Kunal. DD believes they may be following Roshni and Jyoti, and I must tell Sid. She phones her but the telephone is unreachable.

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