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Kasam 16th May 2016 Today’s Online Written Episode Updates: Pawan Manipulated Rishi!

Kasam 16th May 2016 Today’s Online Written Episode Updates: Pawan Manipulated Rishi!

Kasam 16th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the last episode of Kasam, we saw that As decided Rishi and Tanvi bring Saloni by saying her that Pawan has met an accident and is critical and bring everyone to Rano aunty’s house and shock everyone by saying that Saloni is having an affair with Pawan. But Pawan questioned Tannu and Tannu manage to cover the matter.

Then when Pawan family member’s prepare for Saloni’s greh pravesh.

Then Tanvi does the aarti at Pawan’s house for Saloni. But looking at Rishi’s condItion his father advice him to clear all the things between him and Tanvi because the circumstances are getting worse day by day before it gets too late but Rano makes strategy with Tannu that they are going to not leave this issue and give sympathy to Rishi to get all his psychological support for fulfilling their bad intentions but at nighttime after Tanvi came house.

When Rishi meets her and tells Tanvi that he’ll going to leave India and will never going to come back to bother her forever in her life but both got sentimental. But someplace Tanvi is hurt by his words and regrets that she is not able to do anything.

Saloni and Pawan celebrates their success that they got successful in making fool of everyone about their relationship and gets close and execute their goals after getting succesful inside their plans.

But Rishi saw all this between them and gets there and his doubt gets confirmed but failed to capture this matter on camera but vow to establish this thing to all that they were correct.

But next morning he he gets he got confused that what he saw last night was a dream or it was accurate and affirms it with his brother conscious but both were vexed that was it true.

Someplace Tanvi who got hurt and did’t sleep for whole night by looking at her face but her sister comprehends everything,

In next telecast of Kasam we’ll see that prohibition will come to Tanvi and will ask her to stop doing kitchen works she’ll ask her that now there’s no need to do all such works but bani continues to take erroneous gain of Tanvi’s innocence and keeps on using her for her own benefits .