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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan full Written Episode of 5th November 2015

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan full Written Episode of 5th November 2015:

The episode starts with, raj running-away, authorities being seen by covers, police understand somebody is covering d visit examine, raj sneaks from there d no body is seen by police, raj operates from there.

D begins crying, raj claims koyal don’t do that to urself, raj claims to maddy, maddy if shobu isn’t any more who’ll inform that i didn’t do something to shobu, i didn’t drive him I had been attempting to save him, I’ve to run away, maddy claims no raj u cant work, reality can come top don’t run it’ll ruin issues, raj claims no maddy I’ve no choice

I’ve to run no body may believe me.

koyal claims maddy what’re u talking abt, raj claims maddy u are my closest friend n i trust u-n I understand u don’t give me incorrect guidance, therefore inform me shd i surrender, maddy claims raj u don’t have any choice, koyal claims what’s it raj, raj suggests everybody issues i pressed shobu but believe me i didn’t, d maddy hearing u I’m gonna surrender, koyal claims what’s this happening, raj claims don’t fear koyal all is likely to be fine, I’ll create anything fine, koyal claims raj u shobu how may u handle, raj says koyal simply don’t give up hope, koyal claims don’t abandon me raj, raj claims koyal don’t make me fragile plz uphold me d don’t stress n look after everyone, d i trust u koyal d I understand u will look after everyone, koyal suggests yes I’ll,
raj claims maddy i trust u significantly more than i trust myself so departing koyal plz look after her, maddy claims raj I’ll don’t fear, koyal claims raj why are u acting like heading away permanently, raj claims koyal relax all is likely to be good, n i didn’t do something to shobu, r raj cant do something such as this, koyal claims raj plz don’t abandon me d move I want u, raj claims maddy is here now he’ll look after u, raj claims maddy I’m heading police stop n icant see anybody accusing koyal due to me, Koyal claims raj don’t proceed plz don’t abandon me, raj leaves koyals palm n is out starts crying plz are left by raj plz don’t goes behind raj, samar views them n calls police stop to see abt raj.
says yes why are u achieving this, authorities claims he killed d was running-away, raj says i didn’t homicide anybody, authorities state we’ve guarantee abt u killing shobu, everybody get surprised, amrish claims no anything should be incorrect, authorities state we’ve evidence raj pressed shobu for vengeance, paru would go to raj d begins striking him d claims why did u destroy my boy, positive attempts to handle paru but she doesn’t hear.
Paru claims raj u usually ruined my kids lifestyles, u ruined my loved ones, I’ll curse u, u WOn’t ever be pleased, lord knows what my child noticed in u, rosy claims raj what’s all this, raj claims mother hear, paru claims why may anybody listen u murdered my boy, gosh claims raj u will need to settle for this, paru claims dont actually display ur experience raj escape, koyal claims ma don’t do this listen in my experience, paru claims koyal cant u notice he murdered r sibling n if u consider his aspect I’ll feel i Dropped a child too, gosh requires paru along side him, authorities charge raj d consider him absent, koyal pushes behind raj, amrish d rosy attempt to quit them, maddy comes there d prevents koyal, koyal claims maddy make a move, koyal drops d begins crying, d claims my shobu d today raj too, maddy claims koyal relax.

Precap: raj claims to amrish that I did so nothing, we’ve to locate a method to show me harmless.
Samar claims to authorities u need to ensure that this child is proven accountable n there’s forget about analysis more.


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