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Kumkum bhagya Written updates on 18th Jan 2016

Kumkum bhagya Written updates on 18th Jan 2016

Doc says abhi abhi thanked him and he left and will acquire conciousness in 15 mins and she is fyn and comes nd checks pragya

It was around eve, bulbul calls pragya to request where’s she, the call is taken by abhi and bulbul says dii? Abhi was speechless fr a minute and continued no tis is abhi? Did u get my di ‘s phone? Where’s she? Did u hurt her again? Abhi says, u didnt shift bulbul , same as I saw u one year after, bulbul request where is di? Abhi says once she’s ok I ‘ll lose her at home, all things hapnd,and says
Bulbul says cuts and fyn the call

Abhi sees adi sitting near pragya unfortunately, abhi asked wat hapnd rockstar? Adi says pragya will not talk to me as I did abhi and wrong things says if u ask sorry to her, she’ll forgve

Pragya gts conciousness and gets up adi sees her and stand unfortunately
Pragya ask him to come near her and sees him
Adi run and grins towards embraces and pragya her
And says sorry, its k is said by pragya and adi runs from her and takes the plate and gives to her
she was suprised of adi and gets tears
Adi request her to eat if she forgive its tym I ‘m leaving now and him.she ates
Abhi comes there, adi request her to stay else he wil not discuss and says adi lets go out in car and pragya may also come and nods at pragya

Till adi sleeps, he held her closely at last abhi stops the auto inftont of pragya’s house and takes adi from her, they were almost riding fr one hour
pragya says bye but abhi says I am sorry
Pragya didnt speak and was abt to get down from auto
Abhi says I know u will not forgive me bt its k we r leaving to delhi tday nyt, pragya wish to quit him bt she cant
And goes indoors and gets down from auto
Abhi looks at her and leaves.

as she enters bulbul hauls her to he room
Did u meet with the guy who cheated u bulbul asked? pragya ask how she understands? wat hapnd? y r u longing for him?
bulbul embraces her and says dont wory di…..

Abhi says s, she’s a prof at the faculty where I leaves and hav concert. He believes more abt pragya and dicided to go and see her
He called the faculty Principal saying he desires youngsters who sings well and says he is cmg tmrw

Principal declares tat abhi is cmg all gets happy except pragya, she feels he is cmg again and determines, why not to speak or see him

next day,
Abhi appears and comes fr pragya, he seez her getting down from an automobile. abhi thinks it may be mani bt to his suprise its not mani……

The guy seems tall,fair and handsome and pragya embraces him and he kisses her on forehead and he leaves
Abhi believes could pragya? Nd presumes to feel envious on her fr and feels jealous him

The auditions started all students r busy in shooting photos of pragya and abhi in participating in auditions and some was looking bored of seeing tis all. Pragya’ s close frnd neha is a huge supporter of abhi and she began to pragya to commend abhi, pragya was annoyed and abhi ses tis and says to himself, see pragya wat am gng to do

Can u sing fr me a song, and calls neha, neha was joyful tat abhi calls her and goes and hugs him, he ask? Neha says abhi says its k ur talking style itself is lyk a tune, he says ur so lovely and I dont know to sing
Can we take selfie neha says, abhi says k and they took selfie. Can we go for date abhi inquire? Neha says k and inquire can take pragya with us? Pragya appears on him

Abhi says its wat she is gng to do but fr u, our date, I agree with it
pragya gets upset

suddenly a man comes.abhi believes its the man with whom pragya came. He calls pragya and they leaves

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