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Can I Undergo Laser treatments and Dermal Fillers Together?

Cosmetic dermatology is an exciting field. There are so many different ways to improve a person’s look these days. Looking better equates to feeling better and taking the step to have healthier and more youthful skin can be beneficial. Not only does your self esteem increase, but dermatology treatments like laser, dermal fillers and chemical peels can lead to a more productive career and better social life. The look of the skin can safely be improved upon using dermal filler treatments and laser treatments. Many people wonder if these two processes can be done within the same treatment to save on recovery time. The good news is that they can be combined.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are a substance that is made from a collagen-like material. They can be synthetically made or natural. They are injected by a professional dermatologist into the dermis to change soft tissue in the face. These fillers can be used to reduce the look of wrinkles or slightly alter a person’s appearance. This is a very simple procedure that requires very little down time. The results are long lasting. People often confuse dermal fillers with Botox treatments. They are similar in that they both aim to reduce wrinkles in the face. Botox is designed to affect the muscles in the face as a way of reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Fillers will not have any kind of affect on nerves or muscles in the face. They have far less side effects. Fillers can also be used to enhance other parts of the face like the lips.

Laser Treatments

Dermatological laser treatments can be used for a number of purposes. They can reduce acne scarring, discoloration, age spots and more. The result is much smoother, healthier looking skin. Sometimes one laser treatment is all that is required for desired results. Other times it may take a series of laser treatments in order to get desired results. There is a bit of discomfort while the lasers are being used but it is still very tolerable. There may be a bit of discomfort a few hours after the procedure has been done. You doctor will advise what you can do to find some relief while the skin heals and rejuvenates.

Using Both Together

Dermatologists will commonly recommend dermal fillers and laser treatments as a way to improve the look of skin. Many patients wonder if these treatments affect the result of the other. They typically do not because they don’t affect the same layers of the skin. Laser treatments don’t penetrate very deep. Laser treatments are designed to improve the outer layer of the skin and the deeper layers are not affected. The dermal fillers reside at a much deeper level where they will be safe. You usually won’t be able to have both treatments done in the same day. Most professionals will recommend that you take a one-to-two week break in between treatments. This allows the face to heal and decrease swelling. The laser treatment is usually recommended first. The way the skin looks on the outside can affect where a dermatologist might want to place dermal fillers. It can be difficult for a patient to wait when they simply want to get everything done and look better. For better long-term results it is a good idea to wait and see what happens after laser treatments.

What If You Have Already Had Fillers Done?

Some patients choose to have dermal fillers done and then later on they learn about the benefits of laser treatments. Just because you have had dermal fillers done doesn’t mean you give up the opportunity to have laser treatments done as well. This can be done very safely but you will have to wait a certain amount of time. When the fillers are still new they can be slightly altered by lasers. This is where the recovery time becomes more important than ever. It is also important to find a dermatologist that you can trust to do the procedure properly. It is best to make subtle changes rather than attempt to completely change your look. The best option is to do all of your research ahead of time. You will know what is available to you and you can plan your treatment options in the order that will bring about the best results.

It is important with any medical procedure to speak with your doctor about what will be done during your appointment. You need to understand the products that are being used on you, the potential risks, side effects and the recovery time. Make sure that you follow all of the recommendations that your doctor provides you with. They are designed to help you heal while getting you the results you are looking for. Results can vary from person to person. You may have a friend or family member that recently had fillers and laser treatments done. You aren’t guaranteed to get the exact same results. Different skin types react differently to a variety of procedures.

Dr. Andrew Frankel is a board certified physician in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He also completed medical school and a five year residency in the field of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. After his residency he moved to Los Angeles to focus on rejuvenation procedures that treat the face, neck and head.