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Mastaangi Written Episode 16th February 2016

Mastaangi Written Episode 16th February 2016

On the occasion, Ria and Karan perform. Euro was drinking, his buddy tells him that Ria and Karan are a hot couple and comes to him.
Ria says to Karan that she thought that in their narrative the hero and heroine should meet on some peculiar place. Jignesh comes excited towards them, but he is given a look that is hard by Karan.

He leaves. Karan tells Ria it is wise. There Jignesh says he is famished, and Sohani offers a bunch of processors to him. Karan snatches it from him and comes; he comes to Ria. She was listening to some music, he gets her ear piece off her ear. Karan’s is hit by her hand. Ria says sorry, Karan says there is sorry enough from her today. Ria rues, Karan laughs and hands the bunch of chips to Ria. Ria grins.

Karan and Ria practice again, Anita comes clapping. Ria hugs Anita in delight. Ria says she was going to be cleared tomorrow. Anita asks if she disliked her being here, she also disliked them dancing together. She at once asks them to cheer up, she was kidding.

She inquires Karan he didn’t pick on her calls, did he miss her. Karan is asked by her if he recalls his revenge. Karan says he never forgets about it. Ria takes Anita and asks if she took compelled discharge from the hospital. Anaita says yes, she was jealous watching her and Karan.

She confesses that she likes Karan a lot. She leaves saying just kidding. Ria was confused.

For the event, Singhania arrives on the gathering day. The announcement was made for the first ever musical show even being performed on the founding day of the college.

The performance starts. Anita appears from behind the camera, Zubair believes she died if this is Udita. Then he looks at Karan, goes back in times Anushka. He believes Udita herself killed Kabir, how can someone get life after 21 years. He thinks when he spots Anita clapping over the performance, how these three can come back after so many years. He clutches the seat, perspiration beads appear on his brow.

Precap: Singhania comes to appreciate Karan and Ria. He yells in enrage this is possible, although handshakes with Karan. He thinks that it took him to turn Zubair Akhtar Khan into Ishaani Rai Singhania. He will not let they ruin his plans.