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Mastaangi Written Episode – 19th February 2016

Mastaangi Written Episode – 19th February 2016

Ria says that she’s convinced he should have come on a date with someone, and he’s scared that she’s going to tell it to Anaita. Karan requests Ria to hold her horses, Ria says she’ll tell Anaita that he isn’t appropriate for her.

Outside, Trumpet and Jignesh believe that Ria and Karan must be going along. Jignesh says that they kiss each other or might kill each other.
Karan tells Ria that it’s all about Trumpet. Would Trumpet do this Ria inquires. Karan tells Ria that Trumpet believes they’re made for every other.

Trumpet and Karan and gameplay as with Anaita and Ria. His Bhabi comes there, and she requests Trumpet and Karan, who are Anaita and Ria. Trumpet says they’re BFFes in their school. Karan says while Antia is just ill-mannered, Ria is a compassionate woman. Bhabhi phones Ria as his girlfriend. He sends Bhabi out of the room and says there’s nothing like this. He should think about Ria.

The guy of Euro shoves on a cellular on flooring towards Anaita, subsequently when she denies he says he’ll give it to supervisor and comes to ask about it.

Karan says Trumpet and Jignesh removed his cellular telephone’s battery and sees his cellular. He questions where Anaita would be the best way to discover. Karan tells this play of BFFes to discontinue, Ria offers to phone Anaita. He requests to set the phone on loudspeaker.

Anaita tells Ria that her father’s cousin is extremely pleasant to her. Ria says that if he’s seen, she’s lying. Karan goes out and takes Ria’s mobile, and she comes behind him. Ria comes behind him, but he sets the sim in her cellular. She asks him to show the message Trumpet had sent to her.

Trumpet and Jignesh were jointly and developed an intimate landscape with enthusiast and blossoms for Sohani. Where’s Anaita trumpet gets Karan’sc call, he inquires Trumpet. Trumpet tells the restaurant name to him as well as the blossoms get on Sohani. Anaita is lying she believes. Karan requests hre BFFe lied to her if her strikes. Ria races Karan must be waiting. While Anaita is lying Karan believes that there isn’t any jealousy between them, Ria is only caring about Anaita. He wonders if they are being judged by him right.

The spy guy stood there. He requests him to get in the vehicle and drives. Karan observes the spy guy follow them, then jerks the. Ria corrects his hair and tells Karan to run indoors. Anaita follows them and comes behind; Anaita comes there. Ria was going to describe, Anaita whines Ria she did this to her and gets in the vehicle. Her automobile stops.

Karan says she must listen to Ria. Anaita inquires Ria did this. Karan was going to tell her the motive, but him stops. Karan inquires Anaita about her reason for lying to Ria, Anaita leaves and whines to Ria that she’s created the issues between them.

Singhania’s guys tell him the story about the love triangle, their homes and the three. Singhania yells to hell with the love triangle, he needs their heads along with evidence of their age from their look. Singhania tells them that he wants the fingerprints of Ria and not Anaita’s.

Precap: Ria says when they’re disturbed ordinary individuals acts as such. Mother says she does not believe Anaita is standard, and she’s being fanatical for a few days. Her mom says Anaita does not appear to be standard. Anaita was sitting with scissors and Ria’s dress; she says that she will not let her BFFe snatch anything from her. The door opens and observes her there.