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Mere Angne Mein written episode 16th Jan 2016

Mere Angne Mein written episode 16th Jan 2016

The Episode begins with Kaushalya facing Riya and seeing the burned saree. Riya says but I changed it away. Nirmala tells Ashok that she made him his woolen cap as a present. He questions what the demand. She says you stood for my esteem and constantly supported me, thus keep this, I needed to make jumper, but wool was less. She gets worried.

Riya says I ‘ll apologize. Kaushalya says you only apologized to Shanti only 30 minutes before. Shanta says see who’ll save Kaushalya from me, and what I do will Kaushalya conserve Riya. Kaushalya is called by her. Kaushalya requests Riya to leave. The saree is hidden by Riya.

Kaushalya says I needed to speak with you personally. Shanti claims on everything, and says tell me. Shanti requests her to get nerve till I come back. She leaves and laughs. Kaushalya says only Riya can be saved by Nimmi .

Pari says I m feeling good and eats grapes. Sharmili requests physician to be called by Sujeev quickly. Pari gets stressed. Sharmili asks her why is she becoming tensed, pain occurs in such time, once physician gives and comes shot, all pain will go. Pari stresses. She believes to lie that she lost her infant, and the union of Vyom will cease, but my strategy looks like flopping.

Kaushalya requests this saree good to be made by Nimmi, Shanti will be. Kaushalya says do not joke. Nimmi says get it quickly, I am going to use ghungroos. Shanti phones Kaushalya and comes home. Riya says I believe we have to tell this to Shanti. Kaushalya goes and gives her ghungroos. Nimmi makes some layouts and stitches the saree.

Shanti requests Kaushalya to get the saree of Sarla. Kaushalya says it will be found by me, I do not recall where it was kept by me. Shanti tell me do you need to give it to Sarla says good and is there any other plan. Kaushalya says no, I’ll get it. Shanti requests her to locate it. Kaushalya believes what to do and stresses. Nimmi fixes the burned patch on the saree. Riya and Preeti help her. Shanti requests as Sarla would be coming today, Kaushalya to get saree quickly. She says set the shagun sindoor, saree, bangles, prepared, sweets and fruits.

Mohit thinks of Preeti and sees the blossoms on the road. Shagun plate is brought by Kaushalya. Shanti goes to Preeti, and her quits. Shanti requests where are Riya and Nimmi, I am going to call them.

Pari is checked by doctor. Sharmili goes out with Vyom and Sujeev, and requests her to assess nicely. Pari believes pregnancy test was not known by me, else I ‘d have phoned my own physicians to win match. Kaushalya says Riya isn’t sleeping, she’s with Nimmi. She makes explanations. Nimmi’s room is gone to by Shanti.

Everyone and Sujeev wait outside the room. Doctor requests them to come in. She says I assessed Pari good, its good. So what’s it, tell me Sujeev requests. Doctor says Pari isn’t pregnant. What is asked by Sharmili. Pari yells no, this can not occur, how will I be without infants, I believed I ‘ll get happies with infants, now what’ll occur. Mama requests physician to come.

Sorry I adore you with the blossoms infront of Shanti Sadan is made by Mohit. Sarla sees all this and comes there. Sarla says will you defame the love in this way and scolds him. Is this the manner. She says your parents disses him and don’t have any sense. H requests it to quit. He says Preeti was not defamed by me, I really like her. She says do not yell, you do not have sense, see you’re making problem infront of them, when you are hated by Preeti, why are you after her. Till Preeti tells me that she despises me he says I adore her, I am going to come here.

Preeti says yesterday I went to office, and offers 10000rs to Shanti, I got this. Kaushalya stresses seeing saree there. Where’s Nimmi Shanti requests. Kaushalya and Preeti conceal the bit that is saree. Nimmi and Riya conceal. Shanti says we will see whats and takes Kaushalya. Riya and Nimmi take the saree. Individuals defeat on Mohit. Whats occurring Sarla are asked by Shanti.

Preeti says this saree will not get fixed, Dadi will phone us. Riya says do not struggle, concentrate on saree. Sharmili lies that she’s also in behaves and despair sweet. Sujeev requests Pari to come, they’re going to go out. Pari says lose me at my spot that is mummies, I miss her a lot. Pari says my home is not large, my Dadis expired, and so you’ll find it weird seeing them shout, I’ll go. Sujeev requests Pari to go.

Mohit does not be seen by Shanti. Sarla sits on swing and comes in. Her stops and says only Riya will sit on swing. Whats are asked by Shanti. Kaushalya stresses, and says yes. She and Kaushalya argue. Girls and Riya stress.

Sharmili requests if her acting finished Pari to come out. What is asked by pari. Sharmili says you needed to visit your Maayka, I understood this will be said by you, you can not deceive me. Yellow saree is given by Kaushalya. Shanti requests saree which Raghav got for her to be taken by Sarla. Shanti requests her to see and gives the saree to Sarla. Sarla says this is, in addition, not bad. Sarla says its really amazing saree and enjoys the ghungroos. Daughters and Kaushalya grin. Shanti inquires Kaushalya did ghungroo come in saree and looks on, did you alter the saree? Kaushalya. Riya, Nimmi and Preeti stress.