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Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 19th January 2016

Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 19th January 2016

The Episode starts with the emotional drama of sanyaas becoming on high peak of Shanti. Everyone shout. Shanti requests Kaushalya and dhol to play and do her grand bidaai. Kaushalya cries advertisement says I can not do this. Everyone stop Shanti. Riya begs her to quit. Raghav sees Shanti and comes home.

Ashok sits worried. Nirmala says I will massage your head. Ashok questions what’s she doing. She says why are you stressed I will make ginger tea for you. He says I didn’t find Shanti anyplace. She says I heard Shanti controls family. He says yes, Shanti and Riya keep claiming. She gives him the tea. The tea is liked by him and says my pain is going, I will go to promote and bring items. Nirmala requests him come soon, and to get lemons and ginger. He goes. She grins.

Where are you really going as sanyasan, Raghav asks whats all this Amma. Shanti says request them after I leave, I m going away leaving this house. He inquires what do you mean. Shanti says what will I do where I m not wanted. Neighbors ask what occurred and taunts Shanti. The guy is scolded by Nimmi. Raghav says folks started discussing, come inside, someone tell me whats happening.

Shanti says I took this step really late, after I leave, talk. Will you not agree to me, Raghav says don’t be upset, we will talk, no need to do drama now. Shanti looks at him. Rani goes to Amit and gets well dressed. Amit holds her and gets mad. She smiles. Prabha phones Rani and tells her the news of Shanti taking sanyas today. Rani says its news that is useless, it happens daily, Sarla isn’t at home and I liked to spend some time with Amit. Rani inquires what are you saying. Prabha says Riya and Amit were collectively at night. Rani worries.

Shanti requests Raghav to move and will not step on him. He says I step on me will not move and go. She says after taking its against my Dharm, sanyaas I can not stop. She steps back. Raghav asks pandit can Shanti do everything being at home. Pandit says if she needs, she can follow rules at home. Raghav says I have made Shanti Sadan for Amma, how will you leave, I can not live without you. All of them shout. Shivam and Shanti chemises holds her. Shanti says I don’t want the support of anyone.

Shanty goes inside home and stares at Riya. Nirmala gets prepared and serves customers. Rani asks Amit about Riya. He thinks whats occurring, Rani can spoil my match. She says I will go to Shanti Sadan. Her sees and worries with a knife. He says fine, keep this knife away, tell me what to do.

He inquires are you upset, wait. He takes knife and frightens her holding her hand asking shall I write on your hand. She says no and screams. She says I really like you and hugs him. Sonal turns and says I didn’t see anything. Rani gets away. As Rani is becoming upset, Amit requests Sonal to get cable cut. Sonal smiles and leaves. Rani smiles. Amit sends Rani.

Pari strives calling wishes and Sarla Sarla answers the call. Where is Amma’s room furniture, what happened here Raghav asks, I shall not leave anyone, Amma is becoming sanyasan, tell me. Shanti requests him not to stress, its fine. Kaushalya says Riya and Shanti were at home. Riya said she has done pest control so she vacated room. Shanti says she didn’t request me, when we get elder, the lesson is, we must leave home and go ashram. Riya will kick Kaushalya and Raghav out one day too.

Did she do this Raghav asks Riya. Shanti says I ‘ve cut my relationships along my hair. Why are you always after her Raghav says can I say Riya is wrong, she did this for your good, you’ve enmity with her. Shanti says I will leave from here, if you don’t let me live my way here, I need to be alone now. She goes to her room and sits. While Shanti smiles, everyone worry.

Sarla is on and stressed the way. Pari enjoys the thought. Sarla tells her that she is worried for Shanti right now. Kaushalya sees Shanti. Shanti requests her for some oil. Why are you asking this way, Kaushalya asks. Riya requires oil. Shanti goes and will not take it.

Sarla tells Pari that you could get. Pari says Sharmili has torn the pic, understanding Preeti is my sister. Sarla ends call and scolds her. Shanti asks for matters. Raghav requests Kaushalya to give Shanti what she wants, else he go away and will give everyone their shares. Shanti places water on herself.

Everyone ask her to quit and get shocked. Raghav requests Shanti to be covered by them, she’ll catch cold. Shanti sits chanting. She refuses to get food and says the rules will be followed by me. Raghav makes her sit. He requests simply, and Kaushalya not to go against Shanti obey her. Shanti stresses. Raghav asks Kaushalya to get warm water for Shanti.

Riya requests Shivam to do something. Raghav says its alright you are remaining here, Amma will not be troubled by us. Shivam requests Riya to be quiet, as father is speaking. Kaushalya brings the warm water and keeps it. The same water that is warm is drunk by Kaushalya as well. Riya asks Shanti to get her fury on her, beat her or scold her, but please don’t leave food, I ‘ll leave this house if you desire, have food. She requests Shanti. Everyone look on.

Precap: Preeti stops Mohit. Everyone runs to them and hear them. They get shocked seeing Preeti and Mohit.