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Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 20th January 2016

Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 20th January 2016

The Episode begins with Riya requesting Shanti to have food. Shanti acts and says who adores her so much like this, but the thing is Shanti lost all rights. Raghav requests Riya let Amma do anything, and to cease saying anything. Bindu comes and fights with Nirmala. Nirmala asks her to leave her and cries. Ashok comes and stops them. Bindu says I just asked for kachori and I was not given by Nirmala. Nirmala requested her to wait and says I was doing puja. Ashok says I will send bites for you and I understand how is Nirmala. He requests Nirmala to grin and sends Bindu. He says I requests her to begin work and can’t see your abuse.

Mohit enters Shanti Sadan at nighttime. He believes its good they’re not upstairs, I can do my work. He goes to Preeti’s room. Nimmi requests Riya to be managed by Shivam. Raghav requests everyone to have dinner, and he’ll do son’s duty. Preeti says I m not hungry and goes to her room.

Vyom comes to Sharmili and asks for cash. She scolds him and requests him to make his future by getting married. She warns him that they will not get cash from Sujeev. Vyom says I didn’t say I won’t wed, locate any good family’s wealthy girl, I will wed. She questions what, are you ready, I’ve found the pic, pic will be shown by me. Preeti’s pic is shown by her. He says girl is wonderful. She gets happy.

Preeti comes to room and gets shocked seeing blooms, her pics and I really like you ornamentation. Vyom says I believe I saw her somewhere. She says her sister’s proposition was brought by Pari, but I rejected her. She sends Vyom.

Preeti hollers seeing everything. Mohit comes and meets her. She asks what are you doing here, remove all this. He crushes the rose and apologizes to her. He says I love you a lot, I’ll never allow you to get hurt. She asks did you get drunk again, go from here. He says you are just mine, everyone say you despise me, I will not let you become anyone else’s, I adore you so much. She says my Mohit wasn’t like this. He says I m I am, identified by same, Mohit. She questions why are you doing things that are mad. He says by filling sindoor in your maang, all troubles will be ended by me. She shouts and stops him. Everyone run to her room and hear her. Shanti additionally hurries. They get shocked seeing Preeti and Mohit. Shanti controls her rage and goes.

Preeti says trust me, I did not do anything, I did not call Mohit. Mohit is scolded by Shivam. Mohit says I adore Preeti a lot and lifts hand on him. Shivam beats on him. Raghav asks Shivam to discontinue. Shivam runs outside and beats Mohit. Preeti weeps. Shivam is taken by Raghav. Nandu beats on him, and says I will see Mohit. Nandu says its not love, this is such bad thing why are you after this family and conquers Mohit. Kaushalya asks Shanti shall Preeti at the place of Renu drops. Shanti requests her to do anything, and request the head Riya. Raghav says Preeti is your grand daughter Amma, remember this.

Sarla says its good Sharmili did not see the pic of Preeti and calls Pari, do not stress Vyom will marry your sister. Pari questions how, your thought is terrible. Sarla says I ‘ll do what I m saying, Preeti will marry Vyom, Sharmili will like her. Pari says excellent, but how will this happen. Sarla says Sharmili will just make Vyom marry Preeti.

Vyom grins and views Preeti’s pic. She asks him to marry her sisters, Sharmili ripped it, get married to my sisters and didn’t see the pic. He asks how can I do it, you never have revealed mummy her sister’s pic. The pic of Preeti falls. Pari says it means you will not agree to me. He says I mean mummy should concur. She says we should do some preparation. He says fine, go from here now, mummy will get upset. Preeti’s pic is seen by him.

Shanti calls Amit and goes out of house. Sarla sees Shanti’s call and wakes up Amit. Amit says leave it, I want to sleep. Sarla says perhaps she needs to give her property to us. She asks him to discuss. Amit replies says I was sleeping and call. Shanti asks him meet with her and to come fast.

Amit and Shanti go to the house of Mohit. Mohit asks them not to shout. Shanti slaps him. Mohit’s parents look on. Shanti says if he comes to our house like devdas I will not leave him and scolds him and his parents, he shouldn’t come there. Shanti says I m done describing now, I m leaving now. Amit and Shanti leave. Mohit apologizes and cries to his parents.

Riya applies ointment to Shivam’s hand and pacifies him. She apologizes and cries to him, it was all for the great of Dadi as all issues are because of her and she responded this way. She asks what’ll I do then, I don’t need keys. Preeti and Nimmi come there. Preeti says Mohit was not called by me, forgive me. He says I trust you, I needed to talk to Mohit, today, but he crossed limits. The one who adores never insults you. She cries and embraces him.

Where did she go through the night Raghav asks Shanti, she didn’t tell them. Amit looks on. She is covered by Raghav with shawl and asks Amit. Raghav rests in Shanti’s lap. Everyone look on. Shanti blesses Raghav.

Amit comes home and tells Sarla that Shanti got angry, she went to overcome on Mohit. I stood as her bodyguard, don’t love Shanti, she’s worthless for us. She says I m presuming to fit Preeti in the inlaws of Pari. She says listen, Pari did not give any cash to us, Pari is like cow, she will get cash, Kaushalya and Raghav is going to be joyful, Riya will come on our side, Raghav will give me anything I need, perhaps Shanti Sadan too. If I get her wed she says Preeti is characterless and lost name, they will consent to give me anything. They laugh. Raghav makes Shanti remainder and says he and its good deed will serve her and a sanyasi, respectively. She sleeps on the ground. Kaushalya and Raghav sit by her side. The feet of Shanti are massaged by Raghav. Shanti weeps.

Precap: Where is Shanti Raghav requests everyone. They hear Shanti and go out to see. Shanti requests neighbors for Bhiksha.