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Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 23rd January 2016

Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 23rd January 2016

The Episode begins with Sarla if its found in Shanti Sadan having enormous hopes to get treasure. Amit inquires what’ll you do if Shanti will not give you, we will not be given anything by Riya. Sarla says I ‘ll file its my father’s house, case. She asks him to notice others and the foot massager machine. He says I want a large flat and notes it, including that I am going to reserve a big BMW. She says we do not have cash to pay. He requests him to send auto and calls someone, he’ll pay in day or two.

Shanti prays that she gets the treasure and looks on. The guy supplies statement to Kaushalya and brings the ration. Shanti says I do not care and is shocked. Kaushalya checks the invoice, and requests how can this occur. She says I believe he’s deceiving me, tell me what to do. She reveals her and phones Nimmi. The guy says I will not require sum that is incorrect. Nimmi and Kaushalya check items. Nimmi runs to see if anyone got treasure and says sum is correct. The guy says I left at my store, I am going to go. Kaushalya requests Shanti for keys. Shanti says I do not have keys, Riya has it. The keys are looked for by Kaushalya.

The guy inquires Shanti does she understand about treasure. She says do not understand. Kaushalya says keys aren’t here, take cash afterwards. He requests as she brings in does Riya keep keys, oh, she’s going to keep keys. Riya, while she’s active in her demonstration is called by Kaushalya. Shivam looks on, as the demo is given by her. The guy requests Kaushalya for cash. Shanti inquires what’ll I do, Riya and Kaushalya understands this. She grins. Kaushalya says cash will be sent by me in evening, I am going to speak to your supervisor. The guy says manager is strict, I am going to take ration back. Kaushalya stresses.

Ashok requests Nirmala not to weep. She says I care, I do not enjoy losing name and your name is also spoilt by them. Sarla do you trust me or not and inquires? Ashok gets shocked posing with a car and seeing Sarla is fashionable clothing. He asks her whose car is this and where’s she. She says no one’s, I m going to purchase this shortly, I m choosing test drive. She inquires do I appear wealthy. He requests did on her, what’s she or did she. Whats happening here, although she says I ‘ll say afterwards. Sarla says I’ll have five star pastries, it is also kept by you. She taunts Nirmala and reveals her fashion. Nirmala gets annoyed and says I m not robber.

Ashok and Sarla argue. Sarla takes cash from the carton and requests Nirmala to carry samosas for her motorist. The samosas are given by Nirmala. Ashok stresses. Sarla scolds Nirmala and Ashok. She requests him to hold her and falls. She requests falling to quit. She leaves in the automobile.

She requests Shanti to assist her. She says simply solve this issue. Shanti says I understand, I m frightened of his insult, this never occurred in my rule, see thoughtless is Riya, did she do this by choice. Shanti says I m going from my Dharm because of you, get the amount from my room’s the pic of Lord. She takes some dry fruits and sends Kaushalya. Kaushalya gets the cash. Kaushalya salutes and weeps her. She says such day didn’t come in my rule, this is first issue in the rule of Riya, congrats, I quit your insult, swear you WOn’t ever forget.

His radio show is started by Mohit. He weeps and is drunk. He plays the tune and tells about his love story. Mohit’s manager gets upset understanding Mohit is intoxicated. He asks the guy to kick Mohit out. The guy says let it be, show will probably be reach, Mohit is intoxicated but he’s saying things that are sweet, heartbroken fans will hear him.

Kaushalya gives and goes 5000rs. The guy says you lie so much, you squandered so much time and had cash. Kaushalya says leave and take cash. Nimmi collides with the guy and comes running. She comes home and scolds him. She says if treasure is located here, only our house is there to be assessed, it’s going to be pleasure. Sarla comes and says I ‘ll have more pleasure afterward. Kaushalya what’s all this is asked by her. Shanti says keys have been required by Riya, Kaushalya got ration, she didn’t have cash and her calls were not answered by Riya, its great I m here Raghav’s esteem would have got destroyed, I helped her by giving her cash. Shanti gets happy. Shanti believes I grins and did great deeds to get such a bahu.

The presentation is ended by Riya. Everyone clap. The manager says you’re the greatest and commends her a lot. Shivam grins. She asks her give everyone and to take samosas. Kaushalya says food today, I didn’t made, I am going to get tea.

They and Shivam embraces Riya grin. He questions how did such demonstration is given by her without groundwork. She says I understand, I m the best. They leave. Sarla tells Shanti that she’s seen a man for Preeti, he’s from wealthy and nice family. Shanti says where her fortune has it, Preeti will wed. Sarla attempts convincing Shanti and requests her to believe once. Shanti says it’ll be favor from you and concurs. Sarla says I m doing this for my brother, I understand I got doing this for Preeti and dissed here I ‘ve huge heart. If this occur, Shanti says, all insult will turn in esteem. Shanti requests Kaushalya to be told by Sarla. Kaushalya gets happy.

Sarla says if they understand the love story of Preeti family is great, but do not tell anyone, they’ll refuse for union. If they send Preeti back Kaushalya says its wrong to lie, they’re going to understand it some day. Sarla says some day we will tell them. Kaushalya concurs. Sarla says I ‘ll speak to the inlaws of Pari, the man is extremely fine, Preeti will rule there. Kaushalya gets happy and thanks her.

Sarla requests the guy did they get treasure. He says no, they’re simply passing time. Sarla gets happy. Shivam requests her to phone. She is called by Riya and Kaushalya gets upset on her. Kaushalya says about ration today she purchased, and you didn’t leave keys here, I simply requested cash, not keys, you didn’t leave cash and keys. Riya says but I ‘ve keys in your hands to you personally. Kaushalya says I got angry finding house, I didn’t get keys. She says Shanti stops call and helped me. Riya says Kaushalya gets believing and didn’t have keys.


Precap: The supervisor scolds Shivam and Riya claims. Does he take things personally manager requests Shivam. Manager says I ‘ll consider all these blunders while calculating your salary.