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Mere Angne Mein Written Episode Update 10th January 2016

Mere Angne Mein Written Episode Update 10th January 2016

The Episode begins with Preeti and Mohit seeing each other. Nimmi and Preeti leave. Nandu requests Prabha and Bindu to leave, and not squander their time. Nandu tells Mohit not to diss this being done by Preeti. Why are you feeling awful for Preeti, Mohit inquires. He leaves. Nimmi and Preeti come home. Preeti weeps. Preeti what occurred is asked by Kaushalya. Kaushalya inquires what did you do.

Preeti says you love me so much, even something came in my head. What is asked by Shanti. Shanti inquires did you meet with him, we got so much dissed. Preeti says no, I didn’t meet with him, I ceased, I honor you all, although I liked to meet him, I guarantee I’ll never meet with him, I m upset thinking did I believe of meeting him, incorrect. Shanti says it occurs, its great you didn’t meet with him, go to remainder and room. Kaushalya weeps.

Shanti says Preeti is going through phase that is sensitive, I’d not have any trouble if Mohit and his parents were great, we were deceived by Mohit, its great Preeti managed herself. Kaushalya says get Preeti wed, then she’ll not be unhappy. She goes to call Amit and Sarla. They both doesn’t reply. Nandu comes home after becoming treated from physician. He requests did power not come. Shanti says statement is simply paid, power will come. He requests did Nimmi and Preeti come home.

Shivam is called by Kaushalya. The call is taken by Madhu and begins speaking. Shivam requests her to give its his mum’s call, the telephone. He tells Kaushalya that he’s coming in a while. Preeti consoles. Why did he come, Preeti questions. Preeti says I love Mohit and scolds him, I can not tolerate anyone dissing him. He goes.

Nimmi inquires what happened to him. Preeti says nothing, he’s counting himself in our family, I’ll get him kicked out. Mohit thinks the best way to tell her he adores her and attempts phoning Preeti. He sees some child with kites. Madhu holds Shivam and says don’t good, path isn’t close. He says we’re reaching shortly. He stresses.

Riya asks how did the auto halted. Amit requests him to inspect the vehicle. Rajendra says it’s going to take some time. Riya says I ‘ll tell at home. Riya is waited for by Kaushalya. Call is ended by Riya. He is told by Kaushalya about car.

Shivam says I ‘ll go. Amit switches his telephone, when Riya asks for his telephone off. Amit says my mobile battery exhausted also. Riya is said by him, we’ll leave, its not great to stand here.

Mohit says Preeti at her dwelling and I ‘ll meet. Shivam is apprehensive. Nimmi inquires what occurred. Nimmi says why are you, Riya is smart. He says when you get married, you discuss like Riya, then you definitely will understand. She says I ‘ll never wed. Bansi comes out of the automobile dicky. Mohit scales to the balcony of Preeti. Individuals yell Mohit and burglar runs away. Shanti requests them to beat the burglar. She requests Mohit and Preeti to really go to their rooms. Riya says I presume car got fixed, sound is coming. Where did the car go, she asks. Amit holds her and makes her slip. Rajendra and Bansi shoot their pics.

Sarla calls requests and Bansi did not or they get any pic. She requests them come and to do work nicely. Sarla is called by Shanti. Sarla requests Shanti not to stress. Riya and Amit sit near bonfire. Amit says I recognized my error and apologizes to her. I m develop, although you were adored by me, I forgot all that, you ought to have valued my emotions, I m not a poor guy. Rajendra and Bansi shoot their pics. Riya says its forget all that, I do not have any whines. Amit says this is your greatness and holds her hand. The pics click. Riya requests him to look after his wife Rani. He says appropriate. She assesses gusts atmosphere and his eye.

Sarla gets Bansi’s call its morning. She says amazing. She says I need to notify this to Amma. Sarla comes home and tells Shanti that the work has been done by her. Prabha passes taunts to Nirmala and comes to eat food from the booth. She says your saree seems fantastic. You are said by Prabha and Ashok appear good pals. She goes and takes more bites.

Shanti Sadan is come to by the laundry woman and says your family is modern Amma ji, Riya is having fun with Amit. The woman says when such things occurs, we will understand. The photographs are shown by her. Everyone, Kaushalya and Shanti get shocked seeing Amit’s and Riya pics. Sarla grins. Shanti requests woman to leave. Sarla tells Shanti that this manner Riya will leave the home. Shanti says I didn’t tell you to do all this and scolds her.

Shivam comes and asks whats occurring. He inquires what rubbish, get lost. The pics are given by Preeti to him.

Riya comes home and she is stopped by Shanti at the doorway. Why is she doing this Sarla requests does work occur like this in office, Amti was right, you’re awful character girl, you’re married and even after Amit. Riya asks what occurred. Nimmi reveals her pics. It throws and requests who shot these pics. Riya says Bua ji, these pics clicked to trouble me. So you attribute me, Sarla says.

Sarla requests Shanti to do justice. Riya did mistake give Agnipariksha, tell her to prove herself innocent and kick her out. They get shocked. Riya requests Agnipariksha? Shanti says you need to give Agnipariksha. I give Riya says, I didn’t do anything wrong. Sarla says we’re not sighted everyone can see whats in pic. Kaushalya says we’ve many enemies, everyone can shoot pics. Sarla says good, but my Amit lost his name due to Riya, see you when I did mistake all did my Visarjan Riya did mistake, request her to show she’s not guilty. Shanti says in case you need to come inside Shanti Sadan, you need to give Agnipariksha, we’ve to close people’s mouths. Riya says good, Bua ji needs me to give Agnipariksha, I’ll do it. Sarla smiles.

Precap: Riya says Sarla kept her aarti to come inside house, today I am going to walk with this combusting coal to come in your house. Shivam yells Riya…

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