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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

Ritika says Ishaani can’t be forgotten by him, she was being made a play of. Maa says the home is being here with Naina, looked by Ranveer. Ritika says also make sure she’s good, and Ranveer needs to locate Ishaani. Ritika says she’s a strategy however if they need Ranveer to be married by Naina.

Vikram says they need this, Maa says she’ll do anything for her daughter’s love. Nurbhay hunts for keys under the pillow from around Ishaani.

Vikram apologizes Nurbhay and hides on the other side of the door. Ranveer comes out, the eyes of Ishaani only open to look at Ranveer. Vikram and Aarti give up a thumb to each other. Nurbhay scolds Vikram he stolen, and gives him the secret to get the saree of Pooja. Ishaani says he must be quite joyful, his vengeance was carried through. Now, a wife did the rite of making her husband into the bridegroom of someone else.

She says she’s seen hate for Ranveer in his eyes, but adore for Pooja too. She needs to inquire what he enjoys more, if he does not get more happiness in despising Ranveer his retribution is carried through. But if he does not get this happiness, his retribution is incomplete.
Ranveer sits on the bed believing Nurbhay presenting Ishaani the following morning. Subsequently Ritika viewing them from upstairs. If he’s thinking about Ishaani Amba comes to his room, she inquires Ranveer. Ranveer was unsettled, Ranveer says he’s worried for her. Amba inquires what he’s saying.

She whines that she understood that he’ll become idiot in her hands, is he worried for her. She’s taking advantage of him he constantly forget what she did to him. Amba says he is being trapped by her again, he’ll get betrayed. She’s the largest blunder of his life. Ranveer says Ritika was seen by him there, Ritika never needs Ishaani and him to be jointly. It was for his betterment Ishaani misbehaved with him.

He says there are lots of questions that must be replied. Amba tells Ranveer that she’s the wife of someone else she can not be his. Did he see she’s happy, he should think about his life. Ranveer says he can not intentionally do what he was doing when he did not understand anything. If she gets worse now she might never get better, Amba requests him to think about Naina, she’s recuperating because of him.

Amba requests him to speak with her, she says that Ishaani leaves and has consistently set him into trouble. The call is picked by Ranveer. Aarti asks if she called him on the inappropriate time, and says good morning. He did not give her focus and Naina is actually sensitive. Ranveer says everything is good. Aarti requests Ranveer to tell this to all Naina himself, Ranveer says that he’ll speak to Naina after.
Maa pulls Ishaani in the hallway and comes to kitchen. Ritika observed from upstairs. Maa requests Ishaani what she told Ranveer that he does not speak to Naina. Nurbhay heard it all and came there. Ishaani was speechless.

Precap: Ranveer says that he understands she is in trouble, he is with her and she is able to tell her.