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Mohi Written Episode 22nd January 2016

Mohi Written Episode 22nd January 2016

The Episode begins with Ayush leaving. Shanta believes she should use this minute. Kaki says he’s work stress. Anusha says he will be seen by me. Ayush remembers Mohi. He apologizes to her and embraces her. She says its fine, you don’t need to say anything, I understand you have work pressure on you. He says I m feeling awful. She pacifies him. He says sorry, I’d like to win your trust, I don’t need to lose you.

Vinay and Rekha have a talk. He lies to her about some poem and she asks him not to pretend. She asks where’s he going, if he does not have some surgery appointment. He grins and says I m going to try to finish my poem. He leaves.

While she gets ready Anjali is stared at by someone. She sees the shadow and goes from her room to see. Madhur questions how did he come today. He says you did great to come here, we’ll have tea together. Vinay says I thought to meet with my daughter. We and Ayush are at home, although Madhur says Anusha went to practice. He calls Ayush. Ayush comes and greets Vinay.

Shanta says we need to use the weakness of Ayush and ruin this family and discussions to Satish. He says I have begun working, just see when bird gets trapped, you will be certain. She asks who is the fowl. He says Ayush. Ayush tells Vinay that work is going on well. Swati brings tea and gives to Vinay. Vinay asks about Mohi. Shanta comes and greets Vinay. Why did he get sad on not seeing Mohi she asks. So I inquired, he says she’s always here I come, I did not see her now.

Anjali leaving and gets prepared. Satish holds her and stops her. She gets frightened and scolds her, requesting her not to scare like this again. He grins shamelessly. Anusha is at clinic, and she is joined by Vinay. He asks how is she. She says I m good. He says its good to see kids happy, parents get peace. He remembers Deepak.

Anusha asks him what happened, Swati said you went home and called. He says yes, I believed to meet her and missed my daughter, then I got to understand you came here, how is work going on. She says fine. He says I went there, and got to know Mohi went to her village, is there any issue. She tells her plans and he gets thinking.

Ayush calls the call of Elesh and gets ready. Elesh asks him why are you so sounding phone how are you, you are recently married. Ayush says I feel risk didn’t go. What is asked by Elesh. Elesh says relax, nothing will happen. Ayush says if they all know, what’ll occur I m frightened. Elesh requests him to apologize to everyone, do you think she’ll come back. Ayush says she assured she WOn’t ever come back, she always kept her promise, I do not understand. Elesh asks him to take Anusha out and enjoy. Anusha calls asks and Ayush are you prepared, all the best, its your first shoot for an anchorman. She says you will become superstar, I really like you. He says I love you too and ends call.

Ayush comes downstairs and gets prepared. Sharad encourages for becoming a new station anchorman, Ayush. Kaki says we will see you on television, you may become star. Shanta requests him not to forget them, folks will take your autograph, all the best. Kaki says I was waiting for this particular day. Shubhangi says Ayush deserved this and I trust your talent. Ayush thanks them for supporting his dream, else Madhur did not believe his gifts. Kaki says Madhur considered your gift and did not demonstrate it. She makes him eat curd and sugar. He says I did, I’ll leave. He leaves.

Precap: Shanta tells Sharad about women controlling men. Sharad says I understand everyone. Shanta believes to kick out Shubhangi from this house.