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Mohi Written Episode 23rd January 2016

Mohi Written Episode 23rd January 2016

The Episode begins with Ayush. Sharad requests Shubhangi for his top. She says I m doing a lot of work, Mohi isn’t here, I m not your maid, maid was being brought by me from my Maayka, I was quit by you, you reveal me and bring in nicely.

They are heard by Shanta. Shubhangi says good, and gets upset with Sharad, I’ll go to my Maayka. He says you’re requiring issue in this way, whom will and I only asked for a top I say all this afterward. He requests her to leave the tote. He says good, sorry. She says I ‘ll supply you with other top. Shanta goes and grins.

He says I comprehended. He asks for tea and goes to Kaki.

Sharad requests her to request Shubhangi. Shubhangi says you’ll laugh hearing motive, he doesn’t have new top, I m seeing since Shanta came here, he constantly scolds me. She says when will go from here, you’re constantly with Shanta and taunt me like her.

He says in case you have some trouble, why will she go, you go, this is Mausi’s older sister’s house. Shubhangi says I’ll not remain here and gets mad. Them stop. She sends him and says I ‘ll organize top for Sharad.

Satish keeps in Anjali’s room and gets a present. He goes. Anjali sees the western short dress and assesses the present. He goes out and gets mad. She requests Satish whats this, why did you keep it, did you keep this present, whats the rationale. Satish says you’re my Saali, show me and wear it, I got this for you. Shanta comes to them and looks on. Shanta scolds him and smacks Satish.

Satish says I was only joking. He says I only gave a present. Shanta requests Anjali to forgive Satish , not tell anyone to keep peace at home. She sends him and requests his present to be taken by Satish. He goes. Shanta tells Anjali if everyone knows that this issue will get high.

Anusha says no, I’ll wait.

Kaki says you may be thinking is this sasural to work so much, do not worry, we will choose full time servant. Kaki says we’re blessed to got knowledgeable physician bahu like you, who fixed with us so nicely, I wish the poor sight of no one finds us.

Kaki says yes, but this guidance is needed by Shanta. Anusha says I actually need to see Mohi becoming physician.

Sharad’s ears against Shubhangi fill. He says I comprehend, I feel to rectify my error. She believes he married Shubhangi and rejected her choice. See how I get this house is left by Shubhangi.

Precap: Shubhangi gets her tote. Kaki questions what’re you. Shubhangi says Sharad left his occupation, and I m leaving house. They get shocked.