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Mohi Written Episode 4th February 2016

Mohi Written Episode 4th February 2016

The Episode begins with Mohi and Anusha remembering Ayush. She weeps remembering the guarantee of Ayush. She believes I lied to by Ayush; I regarded Mohi as my younger sister, she deceived me. She says I despise you…. And shouts.

Satish brings Shanta. Shanta inquires just how much cash did you get. She says. He leaves. Shanta believes Satish will soon be caught.

Aaji calls Anusha. Anusha doesn’t reply, and Aaji stresses. Anusha reads the letter . She remembers Mohi. She says Mohi and Ayush have concealed this from me. She thinks of her minutes spent with Mohi and gets depressed. She checks the other letter. She checks both letters and reads it. She says handwriting is not same in both, how can this occur, it means this letter was not written by Mohi, it means Ayush got someone write this and lied to me, I was given by him by choice so that I do not go to Bhuvana.

Ayush remembers the blackmailer’s words while he is in his office. The record is heard by him again. Ayush says I remembered Satish and heard this voice somewhere. He requests him to come to his office and phones Nilesh; I believe I understand that blackmailer, come quickly. Peon tells Ayush that supervisor called him.

Anjali knocks the door to open. Anjali goes and believes Anusha is resting. Anjali thinks what happened between Ayush and Anusha and attempts telling Ayush. Kaki says I ‘ll see and stresses.

She decides at the things she’s thrown. Kaki requests the door to open. The door opens. Why are your eyes distended Kaki asks her what occurred? Kaki and Anjali grin. Kaki says we got stressed. Kaki come, says its great and have breakfast. Anusha says I m not starving, I must go to father’s house. Kaki asks why unexpectedly.

Why are you weeping, what’s the issue Kaki inquires. Anusha gets depressed. Kaki goes. Anusha is asked by Anjali was everything at nighttime. Anusha says it was not nasty, it absolutely was like a dream, then abruptly I got to understand all the truth like he’s seen that Ayush isn’t. She leaves. Nilesh is met by Ayush and makes him hear the record. Ayush says this guy is Satish, Deepa’s husband. Nilesh is shocked.

Rekha inquires Anusha about Ayush’s likes. Anusha requests Rekha to cancel this party. Rekha asks what. Anusha says Ayush can not come.