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Mohi Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

Mohi Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

The Episode begins with Shanta requesting Mohi to sit and play with her. They play the ludo. Shanta loses. Mohi says you possibly tired, drink the milk, perhaps your mind will work. Shanta drinks the milk and Mohi gets happy. Anusha greets Rekha and says I missed you in haldi kumkum rite, I enjoyed the Sankranti, I can’t tell you how many laddoos I ‘d. She says Ayush is good in kite flying. Rekha inquires are you done, shall we discuss something else. Shanta gets in bhaang effect. Mohi talks about Kauravas who lost at the ending. She says you also did wrong, see you’re losing. She says if Manohar knows your wrong motives, what’ll he do. Shanta says what will he do.

Mohi says you be there all life and will go to jail. Shanta says no, I won’t go jail. Rekha says Anusha your believing have become middle class, you get happiness in small things, its good, you ill enjoy all this for few days of union. Rekha says I m not sad hearing you’re not unhappy. Your family will likely be happy with my gift. She gives her the car keys. Swati, Madhur and Ayush look on.

Mohi asks additionally all her crimes and Shanta to write apology letter, in order that Lord forgives her. She asks her to write everything, and gives her a paper and pen. She remembers how Shanta got her write her marriage truth. Everything is written by Shanta.

Rekha says I got you a gift, a brand new high end AC car as Sankranti present, how did you enjoy it, take these auto papers, your sign is wanted by me on this, automobile will be here outside your house in 2 days. Rekha gets shocked. Ayush looks on.

Shanta gives the letter. Shanta gives to Mohi and signs on the paper. Mohi says great, now you will not go to jail, take rest, sleep now. Shanta says I feel drowsy. Mohi thanks Lord and apologizes to utilize Prasad to do this work.

Anusha says I do not desire car. Why, car will probably be needed in times of crisis, Rekha says, it’ll be easier to go out on weekends, auto is importance, not a luxury, take this gift. She asks why are you looking at Ayush, will you be stopped by him. She asks them to comprehend Ayush can’t buy a car for Anusha so soon, if I m gifting Anusha a car, whats the problem.

Rekha says I feel bad seeing you like this, I m your mum. She requests Madhur to say what would he do being in her position. Madhur says I comprehend, Rekha is right, but children can think for their needs, I won’t say anything, let them determine. Sharad says Madhur is right, don’t drive Ayush and Anusha. Mohi takes the letter and leaves of Shanta from her room, while Shanta is sleeping.

Precap: Rekha taunts Ayush on his status. Everyone feel bad. Rekha says I will pay petrol bills and laughs, do not stress Ayush