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Mohi Written Episode Update 19th January 2016

Mohi Written Episode Update 19th January 2016

Begins with She says the petrol charges will be managed by me too. Ayush says I ‘ll book an automobile shortly. Rekha says then take this car, I’ll give loan to you, then do not worry if EMI can’t be paid by you, I ‘ll not send anyone to take the automobile. Anusha stops Ayush. Rekha requests Ayush to learn to be practical and not make it an ego issue. He says there’s difference between self respect and ego, Anusha will determine what to do of your gift. He goes.

You care for Ayush and not me, I want to gift you by happiness, and it is not being accepted by you. She requests Madhur that Deepa is remaining here with her husband, I do not know Ayush has problem. Kaki says don’t be annoyed, you leave the documents here, we will think and tell you. She asks Anusha to leave this issue, talk to Manohar and then see. Rekha smiles.

Swati goes to her room and sits ordering clothes its night. Madhur says I think Rekha is right on her area, Anusha is her daughter, she has some standing. Swati says but everything changes after marriage, and Anusha is married, Ayush said he’ll purchase a brand new automobile. Madhur says do not know why he said, he didn’t discuss with us. Swati asks him to consider Ayush, he’ll prosper, don’t scold him infront of Anusha. Why are you scolding me, he says good. They laugh.

Shanta wakes up. She holds her head and falls down. She says I have strong head ache, what occurred to me. He says you got intoxicated and smells the milk glass alone, its bhaang. What rubbish is asked by her. He says its fine, next time, give some bhaang to me also. She says no. he requests her to take care and goes. Shanta says I ‘ll not leave Mohi and recalls Mohi.

He says we will leave this matter to Manohar. She agrees and takes his assurance that no tension will come inside their relationship. They grin. He believes he won’t let anything.

Shanta downstairs is brought by Sharad. Shanta says she’s headache. Anjali says Mohi is examining, I’ll make tea for Shanta. Sharad inquires is her studies imp or Shanta. Anusha comes and assesses Shanta. She tells Shanta about automobile present. Shanta says I ‘ll see it. Kaki says automobile did not come yet. Shanta rest is made by Anusha and tests her BP. Anjali says Mohi is in her room and examining.

Expose the offenses of Shanta and Mohi presumes to show this letter. Ayush romances with Anusha and is leaving. She asks him to take Rekha’s gifted auto as blessing and her love. He concurs and embraces her. Her bags are packed by Mohi. Shanta scolds her and Mohi taunts her. Shanta says you made me write all this, do not forget I ‘ve your hand written letter with me. Mohi reveals the letter which can send Shanta to jail. Shanta says you are endangering me. Shanta says my strategies failed. Mohi says you have come here with wrong goals, which I will never let it get fulfilled, you will never hurt anyone here. Shanta says you’re very intelligent. We both didn’t lose or win… we are equivalent.

Precap: Why is she sad, as though she will not come back Anusha asks Mohi. She asks her to come shortly, and Ayush will decide on her.