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Important SEO Strategies For Your WordPress Blog

Most Important SEO Strategies For Your WordPress Blog In 2019

It has been seen that the popularity of WordPress is on a rapid rise with SEO strategies and is considered as the best content management system. But still, there is a huge population that does not know that the WordPress platform is basically designed for blogging purposes.

But do you know why it is popular and is recommended the most?

WordPress platform is not only user-friendly but also serves the SEO needs very effectively which makes it SEO-friendly too. As Google has some rules for ranking the websites on search engines, it is very essential to work accordingly no matter which platform you choose.

And if we talk about the ways or methods that can help to boost your site’s rankings then you can find the numerous SEO strategies that can do wonders for your brand.

So, let us move on to some of the best SEO practices that you need to consider while creating any WordPress website design or a blog.

1. Analyze the Audience’s Demographics

Audience's Demographics
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Determining the audience demographics may look like a bit of childish advice but in actual, it is very much essential than any other SEO tactic. In this era of digital marketing, you need to grasp everything about your target audiences like their age, interests, location, and more.

Although these things are quite significant, you need to examine more deeply to know their subjects of interest, what topics they like to read, writing style, get more engaged with video content or textual format, and more. This will help you better in creating the content of the audience’s needs and will engage them for more than the usual time.

2. Quality Content Will Be The Need

The need for quality content is still and will remain consistent no matter it’s 2019, 2020 or so on. Besides all the important SEO strategies, creating high-quality content plays a crucial role in ranking the website on the top of search results. A website is not a website without the content and even the poor quality content is considered as dead by Google and the audience too.

So, keep your content unique and fresh. Make sure you always use the content which is promising and relevant to business as it will help people connect more to your business. Regular publishing of blogs can help in earning a position on the top of SERPs but don’t compromise over quality. You can make use of SEO-friendly plugins, add the meta descriptions using title tags, keywords, and more. But remember that content must be valuable and relevant to your niche in order to create the value of your business before search engines.

3. Execute Strong Keyword Research

Keywords are significant components of both the SEO as well as blog writing which means whether you are going to write a blog or performing the SEO, you have to come up with a powerful keyword strategy for every task. In order to improve your keyword research process, you can simply take the help of tools like ahrefs or google keyword planner which will help you find keywords with maximum search volume and least competition. Otherwise, if you need to rank yourself in local search results, you can simply do a deep competition analysis of the niche giants in your area to find the best keywords.

You can also try to incorporate long-tail keywords as they have more chances of getting ranked on the search results. Also, sprinkle some keywords in between the content or in the heading but ensure you don’t do keyword stuffing as it is no more a part of Google’s rules.

4. Optimize URLs

Choosing a relevant domain name for the business is very hectic. Many bloggers are unaware of the importance of the URL while creating a website. Actually, building the SEO-friendly URLs are considered as one of the crucial components for achieving a great user experience and creating links which can add value to your business. Make use of only one keyword in the URL and make sure you do not imply the keyword stuffing strategy. Moreover, make sure you create a unique and descriptive URL so that more people could be engaged because of the ease of the URL.

5. Build Quality Links

In the year 2019 and coming years, you still need to perform link building. Link building has always remained a significant factor in all the SEO tactics.

Do you know how this process works?

You create high-quality engaging content and the other website shares the link with you. After that, Google checks the credibility of that site and if the site is authoritative then Google will label you with a high-quality profile ranking you on the top of search results. Whereas, if the site is totally irrelevant to your niche then you will only lose your rankings.

6. Focus On Voice Search Optimization

All the researches have clearly shown that most of the online queries are voice-based and this trend will continue to rise in the coming years too. With the availability of various voice assistants like Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and more, people are relying more on them instead of typing their queries. This makes it important for every blogger or website owner to focus on voice search optimization.

One of the best ways is to create highly informative and quality content focusing on 5Ws and 1H – Who, What, Why, Where, When, and How? This is so as most of the queries begin with them so you need to create the content in a precise manner that the needs of the audience are fulfilled and you reach the readers first who are more dependent on voice search.

7. Create A Sitemap

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As the name suggests, sitemap represents the overall map of your sites such as categories, products, all the site pages, and more. While a sitemap is created to help Google crawl the site with ease, it is always recommended to create the sitemap for both the search engines as well as the audience. A sitemap is more of a guide map that helps search engines understand your website.

Creating a sitemap is another crucial SEO strategy to consider as it helps the readers and search engines also to understand the overall architecture of your blog and avoids losing your content.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, what is most important to remember is that SEO strategies take time. Additionally, you can create a variety of blog posts or content but it won’t be able to drive the desired traffic until you perform the right optimization techniques or strategies. So, now it’s up to you that either you count on these important SEO strategies discussed for your WordPress blog or go with employing the company that is all in one. It means the company that is proficient in providing the best WordPress customer service along with the effective SEO tactics to boost your brand’s online presence and convert as much as possible leads to potential customers. All the Best!

Author Bio

Ravi Sharma, the founder of WordPress web design agency named Webomaze, is a dedicated entrepreneur who has built his brand with great dedication and enthusiasm. He holds great knowledge of WordPress website generation that can help in promoting the growth of any business through an impactful website. He loves to find adventure by exploring different places.

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