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Latest WordPress SEO Tips For 2019

SEO has become the industry leader if we talk about brand’s visibility and growth. And when it comes to CMS then no other platform can compete the WordPress. According to the facts, 29% of the websites are designed using the WordPress platform. All in all, right out of the box, WordPress site covers all the SEO basics.

That’s why incorporating the WordPress SEO practices are crucial as these can take your business to the next level. Moreover, WordPress helps you get complete control on your website because it is an open source platform where you can seek any assistance from users around the world making your website perfect for conversion goals.

Also, WordPress brings you huge support on website optimization for SEO with the precise use of plugins that can help with speed as well as on-page factors that are essential for effective results on SERPs.

So, if you truly want to place your website on the top of the search results, you have to master some important SEO practices. Let us share some tips with you that can make sure your content and site both are optimized for SEO and better Google rankings in 2019.

1. Focus On Keyword Research

Keyword Research
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Those days are gone when keyword stuffing was one of the SEO factors liable for site rankings. But the fact is that the keyword is still one of the important SEO factors. All the search engines including Google, Yahoo rely on keywords to position the websites on search results. This means you need to carry out intelligent keyword research.

Now the question arises how you will perform the keyword research?

Google Adwords Key Planner is a tool that can help you examine the competitiveness of your targeted keywords as well generate other keyword alternatives too.

Another crucial thing while searching the keywords is to think of long-tail keywords. Create the blog title or meta titles using long-tail keywords. It is a fact that SEO takes time to deliver the desired results but sprinkling some keywords in the body of content also makes a difference to your site’s rankings. Overall, SEO is a long-term process that can last for many years if implemented effectively.

2. Incorporate SEO-Ready WordPress Themes & Dedicated Plugins

Picking up the perfect theme for Website designing is not enough as themes and plugins that are SEO-friendly also play a crucial role in overall positioning of the site on search engines. Let us tell you some vital things that you should consider when picking the themes or plugins for your WordPress website.

Firstly, the theme you pick should be structured. If the structure of themes has covered all the place then it can give rise to many problems with not only your SEO but with the website’s design too. The theme must support the appropriate content requirements like heading tags, social media sharing, and more.

If your theme isn’t featured enough then don’t worry as you can further add the SEO plugins to make the site more responsive and appealing.

3. SEO King – Content Matters

Besides being one of the greatest SEO factors, content is highly valuable and is the life of your WordPress website design. No website is considered as a website without the content. Even the poor-quality content is dead for both Google as well as the audience.

All the search engines make use of special crawlers to index your content. So, try to create fresh and unique content meeting the user intent and the one that the search engines also follow. Moreover, if you follow this approach then it would likely to happen that the readers will follow and share your content with their near and dear ones.

Google is in love with blogs and more with those updated regularly. So, keep your content and blog section updated all the time. Keep posting the blogs or other content often to earn rankings in the SERPs.

Ultimately, keep in mind, you are writing for the users, not for the search engines.

4. Design Mobile-Friendly Website

Do you know what does Mobile-friendly website means?

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly then you will have to experience worse rankings on SERPs. But if it is so then users will tend to spend more time on your website and this will further decrease the bounce rate of your site and increase the CTR.

So, design the responsive websites that are easy to navigate and does not irritate the users with low-quality resolutions or slow loading speed.

5. Improve Website Loading Speed

If your website takes several minutes to load then you’ll surely lose your site’s credibility and ranking on the SERPs. Slow loading of webpages or site leads to bounce rate and decrease in traffic.

You can use tools such as Google Page Insights that helps to keep a check on your site’s loading performance and provide you the recommendations that Google has for you to improve your site’s speed.

Overall, your brand’s site speed is a crucial factor that makes it compulsory for you to keep a check on your site and perform the key measures to make it faster.

6. Get Some Backlinks

No matter what are marketers or SEO experts say, link building is one of the vital WordPress SEO practices that can’t be overlooked. Don’t know how link building works? You create quality content and other websites share the backlink with you. If you are posting your content on highly authoritative websites then there are chances that your profile would rank high on the SERPs.

So, try to accept the links from only the high-quality websites that can add value to your site and can generate the desired traffic. Create some good content that earns the links automatically and makes use of anchor text in your links.

7. Optimize Your Site For Local SEO

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Local SEO is just great for your Business. All you need to do is target the keywords along with the use of area/city name. For instance, you can add the location to your titles, descriptions, alt tags, and URL. Moreover, updating your GMB Page is also very crucial. So, update it with relevant information like name, address, phone number, and much more. Moreover, you should aim for producing high quality links and citations for your business by registering your business on influential online resources. Everything is free so what are you waiting for?

The Closing Words

If you can relate the web with the physical world, it is more of a market and those who would have better marketing skills tend to see the better sales either it is about products or services. In a similar fashion, a website built on wordpress can be worked for SEO in order to be the preferred choice of customers who are willing to engage with your niche.

Don’t forget that WordPress SEO is a long-term process. All you need is to implement these practices and give them some time to show you the expected results. Keeping yourself updated with the often changing Google algorithms is also necessary to improve your SEO and overall results. However, if you want to employ an agency that offers responsive website design services along with satisfactory WordPress customer service then start researching on the Internet and move one step forward towards your business goals. Good Luck!

Author Bio: Ravi Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO of Webomaze is an energetic entrepreneur and web development enthusiast who helps various businesses worldwide in achieving a better online presence through responsive WordPress design development services. He is a traveller and loves to explore new places. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated about his posts on the latest industry trends.

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