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Office Designs that Bring Out the Best in Your Employees

No matter if you are moving into a new office space or just want to make the office designs a better place for your employees, express it with some tips and tricks. The key to having your employees do their best is creating office designs where they will feel comfortable and productive. You will not only help your employees, but you will enhance your company’s looks. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to be anything major. It can be something small such as changing the seating plan or painting the walls. It will also help the overall company’s efficiency by bringing out the best in your employees.

Create a Place Where Your Employees Can Collaborate

When you have employees, they must collaborate and talk to each other to be as productive as possible. Creating a room where they can communicate freely and have meetings when they need to figure things out or work on a group project is important. It is important that you create a space where they can go whenever they need to solve the issues they are facing or just catch up on the project updates. That room doesn’t have to be anything fancy or luxurious. You can simply push a couple of work desks together and divide the space into little clusters of tables so there can be more groups having a meeting at the same time. If you have one room with cubicle walls, you can remove them and make it, so it has flexible setting options. 

Encourage Them to Move

When working in an office, it is easy to get glued to one spot during your whole shift, and sometimes that is why people are less productive. It is good to find fun ways to make your employees move around to boost their productivity levels. Try to make the office designs have durable, mobile, and multi-functional workspaces that can be moved to more convenient locations as needed. Let’s say that you send over an employee from one team to another. Instead of that person sitting at someone else’s deck, they can just wheel their desk over to where the other team is, and they are good to go. Or someone needs help or insight on their current task instead of having to go back and forth. They can wheel their desk station next to that person until they have done their thing. It is a great way to bring your employees closer and encourage them to move. 

Encourage Them to Move
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Give Them Community Boards

Having boards where your employees can pin up their messages is a great way to spread office humor, where they can share corporate culture or simply for big announcements. You can even make separate boards, one for fun and one for work. That will make your employees feel more comfortable, involved, and wanted while they are at work. 

Provide them With a Flexible Working Space

There is nothing that you are employees will appreciate more than giving them options for where they can work—providing them with flexible working space and flexible working hours so they can think freely. You can provide them with standing workspaces, places where they can put their laptops or iPad when they are moving around. If you are working on a tight budget, you can simply makeover existing desks to turn them into standing desks. Provide them with couches in their work areas instead of just having traditional chairs and desks. Scatter standing desks around the office to make little pit stop stations for them. 

Make a Library room

Alongside the flexible working spaces, it is great to provide your employees with a place where they can move to have some quiet brainstorming. Sometimes they will need to have a place where nothing is breaking their focus. Equip the room with whiteboards and comfortable seating spaces so they can brainstorm. Providing the option for your employees to separate and have some quiet time is beneficial for their productivity levels.

Make Break Rooms

As we all know, an average employed person spends at least 8 hours a day staring into the computer screen. That is why providing your employees with break rooms is super important. By giving them a break room, you will bring your employees closer because as they are getting coffee and relaxing they will talk to each other. It is also important that you provide them with a variety of beverages and good quality office coffee machines.

The Team Rooms
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The Team Rooms

A room where your teams can work together is important to have. Sometimes your team will need a quiet space where they can share their thoughts and solutions on the problems. Create a space where they can be comfortable and productive as a team. You can simply do it by placing one or two privacy screens around the desks to create privacy. If you have enough space, you can give them whiteboards where they can write down their ideas and figure out the problems. 

Create a Light-Filled Office

Creating a light-filled room for your employees will make them feel happier and productive. When your employees are sitting in dark rooms, they can begin to feel unmotivated and depressed. You can add more mirrors so the lights can bounce off them, switching light bulbs to ones with a more natural glow. Remove any blinds that are making the office darker to let in natural light. Provide all your employees with desk lamps that they can use if they need some more light. 

Create a Multi-Environment Office

Giving your employees options is always a positive thing. Providing those with lots of options for which environment they want to work at you will make them feel appreciated and comfortable, which will lead to being more productive. This doesn’t require anything luxurious, and over the top, all you need to do is use simple materials like wooden frames and convert smaller areas into customized workspaces. Separate the work area by putting in different floor panels or colorful carpets. Choose a couple of distinct looks that will make the office cubicles look different. You can choose to go with a modern look, a rustic look, and a natural look.

Give Them a Motivational Space

Their key to having productive and motivated employees is to create a place that will make them feel that way. It is super simple to do; all you need to do is create walls with motivational quotes on them. That way, they feel inspired when they read the words of encouragement. And not only will you make the employees more motivated, but you will also create a unique look for your office. If there are talented people in your office, you can hire them to paint the wall for you. Or, if you are a company with artists, you can create a project where you will hire them to paint accent walls in the office. Make sure that when you are picking out what will the motivation quote, be that no one can found it offensive. If you don’t want or simply can’t, if you are leasing out the office space, you can put up motivational posters. Another great thing that will motivate them is to let them know that their hard work is appreciated. Let them know that you care about them and how they feel by asking if something they need in their office will make them feel more comfortable and motivated. 

Create a Problem-Solving Office Space

Dedicate one part of the office to being a problem-solving station. Create lots of small private meeting rooms. This is great for companies that require their workers to think outside of the box. It is important that there are whiteboards, papers and that the feel of the room is calming instead of it being just a table and some chairs. They need to be reminded that they have the power of persistence and that they are great at their job. 

Provide them With a Social Office

Having office designs where your employees can socialize while working will make them feel relaxed and not stressed out. Set up the office, so you encourage them to interact while they are working. Contrary to popular beliefs forming friendships at work will enhance your employee’s performances. Bring up the desks, so everyone is on eye level. Socializing at work is more likely to happen if your employees can make eye contact. It is a great way to update your office by arranging the desks, so your employees talk to each other. Even though some might feel awkward at first, but friendships will soon start, and they will be more motivated than ever. You can even put two tables together, so they have the option to sit next to each other if they want.

Make Your Walls Interactive

Make your office more fun and interactive by making it possible to write on every wall and window. There are so many fun options that you can make your windows and walls be written on without ruining them. Instead of providing every employee with a whiteboard, you can give them erasable markers to write on the window next to them. And a great way to make your office designs a more laid backspace is to have chalk walls where your employees can write jokes, ideas, quotes, or even birthday wishes to others. 

Make the Office Space Look Interesting
Photo by Visual Tag Mx from Pexels

Make the Office Space Look Interesting

When you are decorating your office, go for a functional yet interesting look. Choose more modern aesthetics instead of going with the classic boring office look. Go for something like industrial, rustic, Zen, or southwestern looks rather than going with the classic business theme. Of course, you will have to put some personal taste into the design and something that resembles your company’s feel. You can even do a survey and find out what are some designs that your employees might want to see. You want to create a space in which your employees will strive. Also, you want to have a unique look that will have your guests intrigued. 

Utilize Lots of Glass

Nothing will make your employees strive than office designs with amazing views and natural sunlight. By providing your employees with this, you will help them clear their minds and let their minds do their thing. Natural light will make them feel happy, more productive, less stressed, and more energized. But you have to keep in mind that some employees might be scared of heights, so you need to have desks that aren’t looking out tough windows. Keeping your employees safe and comfortable is the most important thing.

Bringing Nature into the Office 

Your employees will thrive best in environments filled with natural elements. This has been apparent for many years now, just how important bringing in the natural world is recognized more and more every day. Brightening up the office designs with oversized windows and natural lighting allowing your employees to remain on their natural schedules. Using natural light will refresh their minds more than artificial light. Still, it is also saving you money on electricity and reducing the carbon footprint your company is leaving on the earth. Allowing your employees to keep an eye on the outdoors makes them feel protected and in-touch with the environment, rather than separated. Working in an office every day can be stressful for some people if they feel like they are being disconnected from the outside world. Because of this, many companies are utilizing the benefits of outdoor workstations. And having plants is a great way to incorporate the outdoors inside. There are so many ways that you can incorporate plants into the look of your office designs. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant. It can be as simple as having succulents and cacti on every other desk. 

Most bosses don’t even think about the fact that their employees are unproductive and unmotivated because of the environment that they are in. By adding some of these designs, you can increase their efficiency and make them feel more comfortable and relaxed while they are at work.

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