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Parvarish 2 Written Episode 16th February 2016

Parvarish 2 Written Episode 16th February 2016

Principal scolds for seeking special permissions for Jassi Surinder and he can disqualify Jassi for this.

Simran asks why he needs to share Ria’s pics with buddies and goes to the house of Dhruv. His father comes and scolds him for holding the pics of Ria. Simran says that’s all they wanted, and Dhruv is repenting. She expects he will not have some copy and takes Dhruv’s cellular telephone and deletes them. She says since he knows her from youth and Ria additionally made an error, he understand who she is, and he should forgive her. She leaves and father.

Surinder says she must ask him something and waits for a trainer to come out. He inquires many questions she asks. Why did he lie primary she inquires. He says he’s a man that is honest and will not believe in punishment someone for someone’s errors. Her daughter’s error is that she’s her daughter, he will not punish her for that, she always strives to do something, and he enjoys that, he’ll see how she becomes the hero from zero.

Surinder reaches home unfortunately and tells Jassi that she talked to her sirji, but he..Jassi says he understand he’d reject. Surinder requests her to confront her anxiety and win it over. Surinder comes and says he is not going to let Jassi enter water. Jassi says she needs to win the contest. He says the competition was reached by her he’s pleased with her and till now is a great matter, she should quit and concentrate on her studies. Surinder asks Jassi what’s her choice. Surinder says Jassi has taken determination to become a pupil of the year. Kulvinder says his daughter’s security is his duty, and he’s dad, he won’t allow her to enter the water. Surinder says she’s mom. However, they’re not Jassi, and he’s daddy, Jassi is developing to take up her conclusions.

He motivates her and says she can do.

Kulvinder inquires what occurred. She begs God to show her a manner, gets up and says she’s thirsty. After Kulvinder falls asleep, she takes Jassi to educate her swimming and quietly leaves. Jassi is made by her with Jogi to swimming pool and requests her to leap. Surinder asks Jassi to leap and gets into children’s swimming pool. Jassi stands and nervously hesitantly. Her supports that water is only at waist level. Surinder says she’ll hold her. Jogi cannot drown and says she’s balloon. Jassi jumps into scares and water. Her supports. Jogi gets into the water for 30 seconds and requests her to embrace mammaji. Kulvinder comes and holds Jassi’s hand, although they get into the water. He walks away and leaves hand.

Precap: Kulvinder requests as he’s mad, Surinder to stay away from him. Trainer Sumer Singh declares that whoever will not reach by 9:30 a.m. for enrollment shouldn’t come back. Surinder tells Jassi that Papaji isn’t concurring. Kulvinder tells Jassi that she should concentrate on nothing else and studies.