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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

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You’ve got a lot to say this month, Pisces! The world is an eager audience for your witty banter and trailblazing ideas—or at least it will be soon. The Sun in making the rounds through Taurus and your communicative third house until May 20, energizing your social life and piquing your curiosity about everything under the sun.

But the headline news arrives smack in the middle of the month. On May 15—the day of the Taurus new moon—disruptor Uranus enters Taurus for the first time since 1942. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, revolution and innovation, will be here for the next eight years, setting off a ripple effect in your expressive third house. From shake-ups in your friend circle to pioneering media projects, you’ll be drawn to cutting-edge concepts between now and 2026.

If there’s some area of your life where you haven’t achieved wokeness, Uranus could send you on a knowledge-seeking mission. You could find a teacher, author or community group that turns your perceptions upside-down. A recent example is Pisces Tony Robbins, who made highly controversial statements about the #MeToo movement while towering over a woman at one of his workshops, inciting public outrage. After a video of the exchange went viral, Robbins issued an apology statement, admitting that he had a lot to learn from women. While Uranus transits Taurus, many Pisces will be pushed to challenge assumptions and conditioned responses to stereotypes this way.

Who knows? The unexpected enlightenment could lead you down a whole new path, one that includes writing, speaking or teaching about what you learn. Progressive Uranus could rev up your involvement in local politics or neighborhood activism. With the tech-savvy planet activating your clever third house, one of your artistic or future-forward ideas could become a viral sensation.

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Still, it will be a balancing act. Uranus is in “fall” in Taurus, meaning it’s in its least comfortable position here. It makes sense: Uranus is all about extreme change while Taurus craves consistency and wants to keep things the same. As you adopt new ideas or friends, don’t rush to ditch your old crew or take everything you hear as gospel truth. Get your facts straight before making proclamations, especially on social media or in public forums. But don’t shy away from your new role as a conscious rabble-rouser, whether that’s in your community, school system or online.

The good news? This will be a much easier Uranus transit than the one you’re finishing. Since 2011, the side-spinning planet has been in Aries, shaking up your second house of work, money and security. Your finances or lifestyle could have been all over the map in the past seven years. Some of it was exciting, but you’d probably welcome a little more stability in your bank account. Uranus will make one final foray through Aries from November 6, 2018, until March 6, 2019, then it won’t return in this lifetime.

Your pioneering Pisces spirit gets another lift this month because your co-ruler Neptune is traveling in a rare and harmonious trine to expansive Jupiter from May until August. Neptune is in Pisces and your first house of self, and Jupiter is in your adventurous ninth house of global connections, giving you a wide-open mind and heart. Your willingness to champion a cause you believe in could make you a powerful leader. This Jupiter-Neptune trine, which will make an exact sync-up on May 25, could bring an exciting and serendipitous chance to travel, publish your ideas or connect with a person from a wildly different background. Look far and wide beyond your usual scope, as this trine could bring a long-distance opportunity, perhaps one that involves learning or entrepreneurship.

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Whew! There’s so much going on this month for your sign. Luckily, you’ll get some downtime starting May 20, when the Sun enters Gemini and your domestic fourth house for a four-week respite. In between your buzzing social engagements, relax at Chateau Pisces, switch over to your spring/summer decor and do a little outdoor entertaining—weather permitting! Quality time with family will keep you grounded amidst any Uranian curveballs and spontaneous getaways that come courtesy of the Jupiter-Neptune junket.

A five-star career moment arrives on May 29, when the year’s only Sagittarius full moon beams into your tenth house of professional achievements and ambition. This represents the sprouting of seeds planted near the December 3, 2017, Sagittarius new moon. A goal you’ve been striving for over the past six months could come together. If you’re considering a career change or plotting a power move, these moonbeams can give you extra clout or help you sway a key decision maker.


This month’s energy perfectly exemplifies your zodiac sign’s glyph: two fish pulled in opposite directions (yet bound together). For the first half of May, Venus is spinning through Gemini and your homey fourth house. Priorities include wanting to feel cozy, secure and domestic. Yet at the same time, feisty Mars is in Capricorn and your live-out-loud ninth house until May 16, stoking your curiosity for the world outside your window.

The red planet is adding more than a dash of spice to your social life, which could bring some compelling invitations and online connections for single Pisces. You’re sure to meet some hot prospects if you get out of that self-protective fishnet a little more. Safeguard your sensitive emotions and shield your energetic field to keep the low-vibe types out, and you’ll be fine. This Mars cycle could bring long-distance sparks, a vacation romance or a steamy cross-cultural attraction. The key here is balance. Coupled Pisces should reconnect to the friendship side of your relationship, doing more activities with mutual pals or getting involved with an activist cause close to both your hearts.

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The second half of May is a different kind of fish tale. When vixen Venus grooves into Cancer and your amorous fifth house on May 19, some pre-summer lovin’ could be in the stars until June 13—or longer! And when Mars slips into Aquarius and your twelfth house of escape for an extra-long cycle (from May 16 until August 12), that romancing could come with a heavy side of fantasy.

Try to keep at least one fin planted on solid ground, though: This transit can cause confusion and stir up drama, possibly luring you into a clandestine attraction or leaving you feeling raw and insecure at moments. When Mars turns retrograde on June 26 for two months, you may need to “deal to heal” and face a long-standing issue. The silver lining: This time could finally bring you closure.

Key Dates:
May 7: Venus-Neptune square

You may be feeling things strongly today, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be thinking clearly. On the contrary, with romantic Venus clashing with your co-ruler, dreamy Neptune, in your sign, logic may escape you entirely. Since you’re not likely to make wise decisions, anytime someone tries to push you to commit, stall!

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Better together? This month, it’s all about teaming up with quirky kindred spirits and finding ways to combine your superpowers. Go-getter Mars is rounding out a two-month trip through Capricorn and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology on May 16. Since March 17, a group project or online venture might have heated up, or maybe you’ve just been more of a presence in your feeds and Stories. A cutting-edge collaboration may have been stressful but exciting, and you could launch or make things official before Mars departs.

Mars will drift into Aquarius from May 16 until August 12, activating your twelfth house of imagination, closure and serendipity. It can create a weird tension to host make-it-happen Mars in this dreamy and unfocused zone of your chart. You may be burning the midnight oil behind the scenes or even have trouble sleeping. Meditation and creative visualization can be powerful. The trick is knowing when to act and when to pause for the universe to make its moves. The Greeks believed in two types of time, Chronos (linear time) and Kairos (divine timing), and while Mars marches through Aquarius, you’ll probably experience a little of both.

The key is to NOT overextend yourself this summer. Plot your big moves and lay the groundwork but know that you might not truly go full-throttle until Mars enters your sign on November 15. An ounce of prevention can keep you from burning out. Make a dedicated effort to power down phones and backlit devices at least one hour before bedtime and avoid committing to more than you can humanly handle.

But even as you take breaks, don’t deactivate your profiles or pull a disappearing act. The digital domain is a lively playground for you this month, Pisces. On May 15, innovator Uranus will start an eight-year journey through Taurus and your third house of communication. Team up with a kindred spirit to create community events, a pop-up shop or multimedia projects with a message. Suddenly you’re eager for creative stimulation and dialogue. Books, podcasts, classes: Following your curiosity will only make YOUR ideas better.

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When the month ends with a Sagittarius full moon on May 29, your career house gets a huge lunar lift. Rest up, because you’ll want to be ready to put your most polished and professional foot forward. Stay alert for new opportunities and leadership posts; if you’re planning to talk promotion or salary review, this is a favorable time.

Key Dates:
May 8: Sun-Jupiter opposition

Someone might be full of hot air under this egotistical face-off, and, um, it could be you! If that’s the case, it’s probably not intentional—more like a case of you buying into someone else’s overblown hype. Jupiter can blow situations out of proportion, so take things with a grain of salt today, and be careful not to get sucked into the kind of circular arguments that no one ever wins.

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