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Producer Dil Raju denies Sunil!

Producer Dil Raju denies Sunil!

Producer Dil Raju denies Sunil!
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Raju, who moves with the movie, and strongly believes in the script first, has never been as silent as for Krishnashtami.

There’s no such clarity of why Krishnashtami is being neglected by Dil Raju and not spending on publicity.

At a point of time, there are even people, who reminded about Sunil, after watching Krishnashtami film preview.

To the film’s consequence too, if marketing is also disregarded, it would have been a threat at this point of time. Ignoring this easy logic, there is no valid rationale of Dil Raju isn’t concerned with Sunil’s picture.

He’s just limiting the publicity, to the social media and unable to come than that.

However, talking to the media recently, Raju said that, negative reviews would never change a good film. We are certain the film would come out nicely.

Pre-publicity formed a leading part in the success of Dil Raju’s earlier films like Bommarillu, Kotha Bangaru Lokam, etc. Expect the successful producer concentrate on the promotion, apart from his assurance on the word of mouth marketing and keeps this in mind.