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Qubool Hai 10th November 2015 Full Written Episode

Qubool Hai 10th November 2015 Full Written Episode:

Place: The residence of Begum
she describes how she tampered with the beverage when the light went off. The glass drops before she is able to come and it falls on the earth, much to her shock. begum grins at her. She asks if she felt, she could kill her and get all and comes to her, and requests her to stop this useless effort of dumb tricks on her. Begum requests her to stop underestimating her foes, before she can as she’ll have afreen thrown out.

Afterwards, educate and begum starts with her witchcraft, to stop afreen a lesson, who’s unnecessarily interfering in her life. she continues with the rites. As afreen dresses herself, she believes that a girl’s best weapon is her attractiveness and now his heart shall captivate, using this very weapon. The smoke begins emanating, while begum steps out, with her mouth covered to cease being subjected to the smoke, of the room. A boggled afreen begins coughing in the smoke, as it engulfs the room. Outside, begum leaves, and grins. Afreen attempts to open the door, but finds it yells for someone to open the door, and locked in. Armaan hears the screams and passes by just. Begum gets tensed, as he opens the door and comes to the room, while begum is frustrated that her strategy got destroyed. he inquires if she’s ok. She points to the smoke, while seriously coughing. Afreen is not able to resist, as he insists, and gulps it down. Then he leaves from there, saying he’s significant work. Afreen is not able to say anything, while begum reminds that the more she intrudes, the more she’d be troubled, and taunts at her speechlessness, requesting her to go and tell him the truth. Begum subsequently leaves from there, while afreen is not able to talk. Mahira, as most likely she wont see the light of some other day, although she determines that she’ll give her a defeat, as she shouldnt be worried about him.

Scene 2:
Place: Undisclosed Place
Granny is playing with a young child, who’s acting as a terrorist, and she gives him a box of choclates. He’s excited but gets tensed. If he didnt enjoy the present she inquires. He says that his buddy’s mom also got the same present, if he also had his mom also it’d have been amazing. the dad is the same man, whose wife resembles begum. She’s anything or tensed if he’s worried. But he promises that he’s taking appropriate medicine, as well as includes that this surprise shall make her happy also, when the right time comes along, but she’ll need to wait for it. She believes the issue he’s going through, makes him see a rose-colored image constantly, however then everything turns when it dissipates.

Afterwards, when he sets his child he asks why is he so happy today, and holds his hand, and says that he’s joyful to see him cheerful and requests him to stay so consistently. He puts him to sleep and then kisses his son’s brow.

Scene 3:
Place: The home of Begum
He closes them, and locates the windows open. While he eyes her sleep, he pulls the drapes on her. As he starts to go, the dupatta of mahira intertwined his handcuff. He’s boggled, and takes away it. He rubs her hands and then caresses her face. she leaves from that point. Afreen gyrating is found by him to a sizzling, amount that is alluring. Armaan attempts to consummate the relationship with him, dancing and is out of his perceptions, as she attempts to seduce him. But her hands fall on the taveez when he was with mahira that occurred, and she gets up with a beginning. He perplexed and is boggled also, and apologises that he doesnt understand how he came here, but understands it is inappropriate. He then leaves. She believes that she’d done magic how could he compose himself. She’s bogggled.

As the physician checks mahira, while begum granny and armaan observe he tells them that the state is worsening and given the state, she just has 3 days. he says the nerves are falling, and anything can occur. Armaan begs her have a go at another medicine, and to save him. Tells him that she doesnt want meds but approvals now. As he eyes mahira he’s tensed. he leaves from that point. Begum and granny stand not relax. The display freezes on the face of mahira.

Precap: He says the lord shall make that girl everything correct. He says that genuine love is contained by her heart and currently just that she can be saved by heart, the one which was made for her, and was hers. Afreen and begum hear this intently, from concealment.