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Qubool Hai Full Written Episode 11th November 2015

Qubool Hai Full Written Episode 11th November 2015: 

Place: Begum’s home
Tensedly in the garden walks, wondering whats happening to mahira, and concerned for her, and why is he so worried whenever something happens to mahira. Armaan is blessed by the peer baba, saying that when things appear helplessness and inadequate problems in, all should be left on the destiny determined by the almighty. He says that the girl’s heart comprises genuine love and currently just that she can be saved by heart, the one which was made for her, and was constantly hers, and shall stay hers also. Afreen and begum hear this from concealment.

Afterwards, armaan wonders what was he attempting to say, and describes his predicament to granny as all would be right. Armaan says even though he needs her to leave, but not like this, and that he doesnt comprehend. She askshim to believe smoothly, as to its meaning, and as it’s, she’s a widow without anyone to believe for her. He believes something relaxes himself and walks out. Afreen locates a pic of granny with armaan, and believes that she understands everything about him but the best way to get it outside of her, and opinions regarding how amazing it when was it, and is clicked. Granny begins telling the narrative of the pic, and grins. Granny then remarks on the locket. Granny says that its very particularly, and locked in, and she attempted to break it open, but it couldnt open. Afreen believes that she understands where’s the key, and undoubtedly begum shall have kept it and that her destiny shall open also, and she’ll get it. afreen ensures her that they’ll open the lock. Granny says that the lock’s great that it remains shut, as with much trouble, he moved on and has been capable to foreget his troubled past.

Gazalla says that a miracle might occur, and that saving a life is essential, if he with azad’s heart and mahira hug. They wonder what’ll occur now. Begum wipes her tears saying that they planted the notion in him, as well as the purpose shall grow shortly. Begum shall return shortly and says that she’s to go to city club for an assembly.

Afterwards, Afreen is going to enter into mahira’s room, when latif says that she cant enter and stands guard. Afreen leaves. Latif says that she’snt house, and she is able to reveal him them also instead as she finalises all the dresses. the woman asks her to subsequently go through the layouts and whichever she enjoys, she can have them completely free. Latif begins browsing through, and gorges on the thought. The woman who’s really afreen believes that she’s latif snared, and she should get armaan before its too late, by locating the keys, to her. The gorgeous lady goes in. She attempts on her black magic, to help her hunt the key quicker after the gorgeous lady’s human attempts dont work. as the magic works, things begin going churning, and eventually a painting falls down. The gorgeous lady then picks it up, and eyes it. The gorgeous lady grins and then rips it away and shows the key behind it. The gorgeous lady is overjoyed. The gorgeous lady moves out and clutches key.

Downstairs, while he’s discussing company with his worker, he remarks about mahira and her state, and says that even though he doesnt consider, but there is a narrative that in the event the water from a well-known mazaar is given to the individual, then he/ she even restores from the deceased, and requests her to attempt it once atleast. The worker leaves. He’s set to believing and concerned. The employee recalls granny’s words, and passes by Mahira’s room, as he believes that if right or wrong, but for humanitarian benefit, he’ll attempt everything possible to save mahira, and eyes her. The employee goes out. Afreen eyes the employee going. Afreen asks if he’s going someplace and stops him. Mahira says that before finishing mahira’s life, the employee should finish his. The employee then turns around and stands surprised, with a questioning glance. Mahira says believe it or not believe it and that reflection of the past hasnt left the employee, he still seeks for the mom who gave birth to him and left him to perish. As armaan gets to go, she puts the key in his hand, and holds him back. He’s boggled and inquires whats it. He went also and is shocked.

Scene 2:
Place: Undisclosed Place
meanwhile begum’s saviour man, gets her number from the salon which he saved her from, as well as the address also, and believes that undoubtedly there is some link between them, and if what he believes is accurate, then his happiness isnt much behind. He calls begum up and tells his own mother that he has a package for her, that just could be delivered to her, and is from the courier service. His own mother asks him to come and gives him the address. Subsequently the call is canceled by her. He says he would like to meet with his own mother, if she’s his Tara.

Scene 3:
Place: Begum’s home
Afreen tells him as he’s the total right to learn about his mom that he’s to open the lock. He’s exceptionally tensed and stressed yet as to what he might find in. To opening the key, as afreen eyes, he eventually chooses it and gets him. He’s shocked to understand that khan begum is his mom. The display freezes with the locket and begum’s face on him.

Precap: Armaan asks begum that she understood everything but did tell him, this time also, and holds out the open locket to her. Begum asks for an opportunity to clarify. Armaan questions what was this helplessness, that got his mother reject him again. Afterwards, in front of afreen, Armaan falls on the ground, completely traumatised and grieved by the indifference of his mom. Afreen believes the intimate feeling which might have saved mahira, shall simply save her now..