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Quick and Easy Tricks That Will Instantly Transform Your Home Space

Like most homeowners, you probably enjoy decorating your house, wanting to make it cozy and comfortable to live in. But sometimes, the little things you collect here and start would accumulate and overwhelm the space inside, making the space in your home look cramped and gloomy instead. 

Before you throw away your furniture and accessories or call an interior designer, let Wood Glass Group share with you some easy tricks to better manage the space inside your home.

1. Pick the right color

The colors you use for your house should not be based on your personal preference alone. Because your color choices would affect the overall look and feel of the room, you also need to consider other factors such as the room size, the purpose or usage, and the availability of natural lighting. Note that darker colors make a room look smaller, while light colors give off a sense of space and depth. 

The combination of natural lighting and soft colors exude warmth and relaxation, perfect for use in a tea room or reception area. Rooms with darker wall paints have a more enclosed feel, and with limited access to lighting, this can be perfect for an entertainment or gaming room. You can also mix colors like adding a splash of bright paint on a plain light-colored color to accentuate certain room areas. 

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2. Create a statement wall

A statement wall, also called a feature or accent wall, is another easy trick to bring life to your space. It is fairly simple to execute, and best of all, it does not have to cost you a lot to create. Depending on your preferred style and budget, you can play around with different patterns, colors, shapes, textures, and materials. 

3. Revamp your window treatments

The windows serve as the framing for your room, and just by adding a little extra flair to your window treatment, you can transform the entire space. Simple adjustments such as elevating your curtain rod would make the window look taller. Adding Roman shades with fun patterns would also bring a playful feel to the room. 

4. Adjust the hardware on your cabinets

The hardware on your furniture is quite a small part, but it actually has a big impact on the overall look of the unit. Transform your furnishings by using ceramic knobs with cute patterns instead of traditional pulls, replace old handles with a trendy brass pull and match the look with your faucet, or mix and match different types of metal to create the illusion of layers to your drawers.

5. Light up the space with mirrors

Another common trick that decorators use in creating the illusion of more space is mirrors. Simply place a mirror right across or diagonal from a window and let it reflect the light, instantly making the room look bigger and brighter. Choose a decorative mirror and hang it on empty wall space to serve as your accent instead of the usual paintings or art pieces for an added touch.

6. Decorate your entryway

Adding the right accents in this small and narrow space can make your home look more modern and stylish. Simple styling adjustments in your entryway like adding a small console table and placing it against the wall, then hanging some abstract art or a few portraits above it will transform this area into a conversation topic for guests.

7. Layer your rugs 

You cannot neglect your floor when redesigning your home space, but it does not mean overhauling the floor or replacing the tiles. As with the previous tips, small changes can make a lot of difference in the room’s overall look. You can make one adjustment to layer a few rugs with different styles, colors, and prints to create visual impact when placed on the floor. If you are on a budget, you can use a less expensive rug as your base then display the most attractive one on top as your statement piece. 

8. Accentuate in style

Level up your creative flair by adding texture around the house. Find the right accessories to match each room and place them in key positions to add an accent. Decorative pillows and rugs are most commonly used as they are relatively cheap and are easy to move around. Vibrantly colored throw pillows can also be used to add a cheerful vibe to the space.

9. Clear up the clutter

Maybe this should have been at the top of our list. This would seem to be the easiest to do. But in reality, letting go of the pieces that you have gotten used to seeing around the house is more difficult than you would expect. To convince yourself, picture in your mind what the room would look like without all these unnecessary decorations. The room would look larger, brighter, cleaner, and more inviting. As such, make the small sacrifice of setting aside your clutter and see your room transform before your eyes.

Featured Image by HANSUAN FABREGAS on Pixabay