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Romantic Good Night Messages for My Lovely Boyfriend Far Away

Romantic Good Night Messages for My Lovely Boyfriend Far Away

When folks are in love and they are away for some reason. Then they would think and feel about them in everything they do most of the time . Like I would be doing this when my partner is with me this time, would be resting on their lap, going to a restaurant etc.
In one words, body is present mind is absent from the present world. So, such folks find some reason to talk or chat with their love. Nights are the best time to talk to them but when this is not possible. They would send few good night messages for their love.
For this purpose, they would surf the web for romantic good night messages to boyfriend, good night message for far away boyfriend, good night message to my lovely boyfriend etc.
If you too are looking forward to share such romantic good night messages for your love. Hope our post would please you. Feel free to use them as well as share them online with your friends and followers.

Romantic Good Night Messages to Boyfriend

Romantic Good Night Messages to Boyfriend
Romantic Good Night Messages to Boyfriend
  • In all the world there’s only you I want to keep me safe at night. I can’t wait until you can hold me again.
  • Sometimes I wonder if you snore. Other times, I wonder if I snore. Mostly, I just wonder what it would be like to be in your arms tonight. I miss you my sweet love.
  • Every night when I dream of you it’s so nice. I especially love the part where you bring me breakfast in bed every morning. And donuts.
  • If I never told you how much I missed you at night, it’s just because I don’t want my teddy bear to get jealous. I miss you my sweet!

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  • Usually I count stars until I fall asleep at night, but the one I miss counting the most is you.
  • I keep imagining you singing outside of my window at night. Then I imagine that I didn’t know it was you, and I was throwing things. Sorry. I hope you’re OK.!
  • I think of you as soon as I wake up and then again before I fall asleep. You see, you’re never out of my thoughts. Have a Good Night!
  • I didn’t want to kiss you goodbye, I wanted to kiss you goodnight.
  • Touch your heart, close ur eyes. Make a wish, say goodnight. Sky so wide, stars so bright, off the lights, sleep so tight.

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  • I long for you each night if i give u my heart will u promise not 2 break it I want u to want me I need u to love me I dream so I can see u
  • Stars light stars bright, u r the only star I see 2nite, I wish I might be there guarding ur dreams tonight.
  • The painful nightmares of losing you give me sleepless night. But it’s all worth it when you hug me and call me yours.
  • I don’t mind having even the scariest nightmares, as long as I am woken up by you. Good night.
  • The moon shining out in the dark skies can mean just only one thing… that love can get us through all of life’s dark corners. Good night.

Good Night Message for Far Away Boyfriend

Romantic Good Night Messages to Boyfriend
Romantic Good Night Messages to Boyfriend
  • Even with an ocean between us, we are never truly apart. You are always in my heart.
  • Love bridges any distance and breaches any barriers. Soon, we will be together.
  • It comforts my aching heart to know that we are looking at different sides of the same moon.
  • The miles between us mean nothing because I love you here, there and everywhere.
  • I miss you. I miss you and me together. I miss us.
  • There is no ocean wide enough to keep your heart from mine.
  • I dream of the day when there will be no more lonely nights. I miss you!
  • There is no mountain high enough to keep our hearts and souls apart.
  • One more night, one more week, one more month of character-building and strength-inducing loneliness because you are far away. Someday, you will be real.
  • I am jealous of the moon that lulls you to sleep because I cannot. I am jealous of the sun that kisses you awake because I cannot. I hope to see you soon.
  • I’m so happy for the love I feel for you because the distance is not an obstacle for us and I fall in love more and more about each other.

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  • It has began the countdown for the date of our meeting, meanwhile I can’t stop thinking of you for a single day of my life. I love you so much my life.
  • I admit it’s not easy being away from you but I’m still willing to give everything because our love is worth it, for us there are no barriers.
  • From a distance I send many kisses and hugs with all the strength of my being, my charming Princess. I will love you forever.
  • There are less days left to hold you in my arms again, I’m taking advantage of these days to make you a spectacular welcome. I love you my darling.
  • I’m so sure of love I feel for you that I didn’t doubt what I feel not a single moment, it hurts to have you away from me, but I know it will only be for a few months. I’m waiting with great excitement the day you return, my prince charming.
  • I will wait patiently for your arrival because I love you and I have not eyes for anyone else, hopefully these days will pass very quickly because I can not wait to hug and kiss you again.

Good Night Message to My Lovely Boyfriend

Romantic Good Night Messages to Boyfriend
Romantic Good Night Messages to Boyfriend
  • Every night is a constant battle between dreams about being with you and nightmares about losing you. I miss you, good night.
  • The most handsome guy deserves a good night kiss from the most beautiful girl. So here’s a good night kissy for you, from me. Muah, good night.
  • The starlit sky looks amazing and the ambiance of the night is mesmerizing. But it is nothing as compared to how beautiful I feel from within, when I am with you. Good night.
  • The warmth that you will feel tonight won’t be because of your blanket. It will be the warmth of the hugs that I am sending with this message. Good night.
  • Every good night leaves a SOUR taste because I know I will be away from you, but it all becomes SWEET when I start dreaming about you.
  • Look at the moon so bright today, The wind so subtle and cool, Sky so soothing, All have come to wish you a very Good Night and sweet dreams. Love you loads.
  • As the breeze blows, I hope it takes away your worries. As the skies darken, I hope they hide all your weaknesses and as the stars shine, I hope they twinkle on the best opportunities of your life. Good night sweetheart.
  • Here’s to dreaming about all the romantic things we can do when we meet tomorrow. Good night.
  • I hope that this good night message converts all your fears into confidence, obstacles into opportunities and worries into smiles. Sleep tight.
  • When I say good night to you, I feel hurt and sore… because it makes me miss you all the more. Good night.
  • It is unfair that I have to wish you good night… because dreaming about you gives me sleepless night.
  • This seemingly simple good night text is a profound way of expressing that you are a wallpaper for my mind – always there by default, even when you’re not with me. Good night.
  • The biggest advantage of being your girlfriend is the fact that I get to blow good night kisses to the hottest guy ever – YOU. Sweet dreams.
  • The stars so far and sky so dark are all shouting hard to let you know how much your love is missing you right now. Have a happy and Good Night with loads of beautiful dreams. With love.
  • You gave your dreams to me and I have decided to make them ours. I have filled them with all the possible colors of this world and added the aroma of our love into it. Have a Good Night and sweetheart dreams.
  • It’s cold here, I wish we could be together to warm up…
  • I hope I’ll be in your dreams tonight 😉

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