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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2016 Episode Written Updates: Dr. krishna sees Gopi smiling!

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2016 Episode Written Updates: Dr. krishna sees Gopi smiling!

The last night episode of the TV series, Saath Nibhana Saathiya begins with Kokila shouts seeing Gopi’s state.

He needs to get Jigar out of the way and also jokes he is in love with Pari. Kokila grins and braids Gopi’s hair. He jokes that he’s an alien and all that, as Gopi did not grin at all but all goes in vain. Now Pari and Monica are busy with chitchat and their makeup.

All of the abrupt Meera calls them and invites them to Dharam’s birthday party. The Modi family consent to attend the celebration. Dharam phones Kokila and asks if she remembers what it is today and Kokila sadi Kokila wishes Dharam and yes, it is your birthday.

Now Dharam invites her and Gopi for a birthday party and insists. Kokila agrees hesitantly. And now Kokila discovers that Dr. Krishna is braiding Gopi’s hair and employ Kajal in her eyes. Kokila thinks whether he is doctor or beautician. Jokes apart, Dr. Krishna said to Kokila that he is gifted.

So, Dharam has to organize the same Kokila asked Gopi that we have to go for the birthday party of Dharam in the Suryavanshi house; it’s his Post demands birthday party. Kokila said to Dr. Krishna that already Gopi is in shocked with the sudden death of Ahem.

She’s also depressed, and our both daughters Vidya and Meera are settled in their individual lives with their husband in the Surytavanshi home. Gopi doesn’t desire to disturb their settled life by going there.

Now Kokila insists Gopi wear a colorful Saree and Gopi wore so and came back. Kokila gives tears, and her compliment arrives in the Gopi’s eyes. Meera distributes blanket on the Dharam’s birthday to the poor.

Meera realized her love for Vidya since her childhood days, and Shravan realized his love for Vidya. Shravan additionally recognized that nowadays, Meera’s conduct towards Vidya isn’t good, and he feels terrible for the same.