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Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written Episode 14th February 2016

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written Episode 14th February 2016

Premlatha warns as she says Gopi to act, else she’ll lose her maaji. Gopi begins shouting vigorously. Premlatha subsequently telephones orders and Kokila to keep quiet and act normally, else she’ll lose her Gopi bahu. Kokila says she will do whatever she says and begs not to harm Gopi. Premlatha asks her to Modi bhavan that is inside and generally plays until pathologist takes her blood.

Why did she go out ahem inquires? Kokila stands quietly. She believes she’s responsible for Gopi’s state and hears Gopi yelling that she’s not angry.

He says he’s the happiest man on earth now and embraces Meera. Meera requests if he’ll give what she inquires. He says he’ll give whatever she asks. Gaura yells if he warns not to become daan veer Karn and has gone. Dharam asks Meera what she wants. Gaura believes Meera is ruining herself and smirks.

Kokila subsequently weeps looking at Gopi’s state, but worrying Premlatha leaves quietly.

Meera requests to sign and gives divorce documents to Dharam. With shivering hands, weeping, he signs them.

Precap: Gopi is forced to be taken to mental hospital van. Family feels depressed