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Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written Episode 20th January 2016

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written Episode 20th January 2016

Meera thanks god for revealing her truth. Gopi ran out from court and enters and questions why did Dharam is protected by her, if she thinks Dharam is innocent. Meera reveals her clip. Gopi says she’s pleased with her that she saved an innocent guy and sees whole clip.

Entire family questions why did she run from court, if she’d remained and did not have protected Dharam, he’d have been behind bars. Gopi says Meera did correct and she’s pleased with her. Ahem yells what’s she telling. Meera runs from that point.

Gaura comes with Dharam and Vidya/Shravan. Gopi apologizes Dharam for misunderstanding him and says he is not guilty. Gaura says she is better performer than her and since she lost case, she is changing her color. Gaura is stopped by Dharam. Ahem cries at Gopi how can she believe like this. Gopi gives her promise not to utter anything and race house as they are needed by Meera.

Dharam thinks why was he protected by Meera, he must understand. He insists Gopi to let him fulfill with Meera. She says he cannot. Car window glass breaks and injures his hand. House in auto races.

Kokila comes and says she allowed and says they should accept Sona bahu.

Precap: Gaura comes to Kokila’s home and yells. Kokila says she can face her now and she’ll listen bowing her head.