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Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

Kokila warns Gopi get Dharam and Meera’s divorce and to take court case against Dharam back. Gopi will get Dharam penalized and says she’ll never do that. Durga shouts standing near doorway.

Durga stands outside Gaura’s auto and goes and says she could barely convince Gopi. Gaura is manhus and yells that she is not fit to become her bahu /inauspicious. Durga says not to tell that and says she will also accompany her to court. 100 rs on her throws and says she’s so manhus that if her shadow falls on Dharam, his bond will delete. She orders lawyer to win case by hook or crook.

Gaura meets Gopi outside court and asks her to take her case back, her and her daughter in court will diss so much that she’ll despise seeing her face in mirror. Gopi says let’s see who will win case. Gaura says her lawyer is really strong that her lawyer will smash against readily. Gopi says in mahabharath, kauravs had Karn and other warriors, as it was battle between truth and false but Pandavs won. Gaura says she cannot hurt her son’s hair strand. Gopi says she thoughtshe would understand another girl’s problem, but she is a disgrace on womanhood. Gaura shouts. Ahem warns her to back off.

Authorities bring to court Dharam. Gaura reveals her worry that is imitation. Dharam says he needs to speak to Meera once. Gopi warns him to back off. Dharam insists. Jigar says let him talk in front of everyone. Dharam says he wants to look into the eyes of Meera and asks if she can be harmed by him. Meera begins crying. Dharam is taken by Inspector in. Gopi asks only truth in court tell and not to worry. Gaura warns chatanki/ Gopi again to slash cash, else she’ll repent. Gopi says she is afraid to lose, so she’s trying to frighten her.

Meera’s court case and Dharam starts. Bearer declares Dharam as rape convict. Gaura says crime is not established yet and shouts at him. Judge asks the attorney to speak of Meera. Attorney describes what happened that day. Gaura yells again. Case rests. Judge asks Dharam’s attorney to speak. She says she wed. He inquires even after know he’s already married. She nods yes.

Precap: Lawyer says because innocent guys like Dharam are framed and alleges Meera to frame Dharam. Gopi asks if he’d speak same for his sister.