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Sadda Haq full Written Episode 6th November 2015

Sadda Haq full Written Episode 6th November 2015: 

Sanyyu says is okay? He says yes have you been stressed? She says there’s no location. And is it dark. Randhir claims life enables you to dance such as a gf. You confuse. He starts a signal. a band along with the ball strikes final arrives of it. Yoyo turns around the lights. The entire research is designed. She is proposed by Randhir. He says i created this band myself. I’ll suggest you having an expensive ring the next time. Sanyu says this band ideals significantly more than anything. Sanyu claims that I don’t watch for long and obviously I’ll. He makes her use the band. The party popper pops. Forehead is sanyu’sed by Randhir kisses.

Sanyu is on-call with Randhir. Randhir claims did you prefer the band? He says wow my decision is not really bad. They ask one another to hold up. Randhir says goodnight, ok Mrs. sanyu shikhawat. Mrs. sanyu shikhawat goodnight. Parth suggests all of US love you sanyu bhabhi and requires the telephone from sanyu. Randhir says what’s this. Parth says you’ve improved per day. You’re caught on-call all day. Parth says you’ll be focused. Lets play with agame how your lifetime could be after marriage. In home, imagine. He thinks sanyu doing the bathroom. Sanyu requires randhir to assist her doing the bathroom. Randhir does the bathroom with her. Randhir thinks sanyu getting randhir and selfies is available in selecting the shopping bags. With him sanyu is fighting in room. Parth says you’ll need to change after wedding.

They’re going to canteen. Sanyu is there aswell. Yoyo says lets clear and go it. Randhir sits and comes with Randhir. Sanyu says are you hardened? He says I’m worried due to our future. Sanyu says everything will be good dont worry. They imagine while doing the bathroom, teasing one another with foam. Randhir stands up.

Vid comes and sits in soil alongside parth. You slept she suggests? Parth remembers what she did. He leaves.
Randhir and Sanyu arrived at school. This band sanyu pKC requires sanyu? pkc claims are you also marriage? Sanyu claims i made myself it. He says excellent.
Sanyu is employed in the research. Where’s your band he claims? sanyu says i put it here. He claims are you sure you used it? Imagine if randhir reaches know. He says relax we shall discover. Sanyu says I would like to go sign in the area. if randhir reaches know I’m dead. Randhir asks where are you going and is available in? Do you want anything? He says yes band. He suggests you forgot in library and places it in her hand. Sanyu says I’m sorry. He says its ok. Parth says sanyu you went to canteen.

Precap-Randhir is speaking on-call I’ll come. Sanyu don’t understand in store at 12. Sanyu overhears. She has a baseball in store at 12.