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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman Written Episode 16th February 2016

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman Written Episode 16th February 2016

Hanuman realizes this is the actual look of Maha Pishach. Maha Pishach strikes on him. Hanuman looks at him discovered and saves himself. He flies up and defeats on him.

Kesari continues to be holding onto Anjana. He’s relieved to see the blood on her head has ceased flowing. A woman Pishach appears there. We’re constantly starving for blood. I’ll also drink her blood. Anjana falls back on the earth. Nani is tied to a column. He’s teary-eyed to see his wife so.

Maha Pishach attacks Hanuman. Hanuman falls on the mountain due to the same. Maha Pishach believes to the assault on Ayodhya.

Manthra is irked as its last degree has been reached by the Yagya. Where Maha Pishach is, I wonder!

Hanuman comes back. Tridevs grin. He challenges maha Pishach. His size raises to fight with all the Maha Pishach. He reaches Maha Pishach with his mace and comes in his Tridev avatar.

Guru Vashishtha tells Ram the Yagya is whole now. Take the blessings of Agni Dev. Narad Ji is not sad that the manner to the throne of Shree Ram is set. Hanuman is about to kill Maha Pishach.

The Pishachs would like to drink the blood of the other citizens as well as Anjana. His folly will be understood by Hanuman afterward. He will see what this means to mess with us Pishachs!

Maha Pishach begs for clemency, but Hanuman says you’ll die now. Hanuman tells me you did all this to damage Shree Ram you choose His name to save your life. He requests Hanuman he quit. Hanuman shares his predicament. Your name left because he attempted to damage you, I or I ‘d have killed Maha Pishach by now. The Tridev avatar vanish. I was incorrect.

Ram requests him to swear that no phantoms will come near whoever chooses the name of Mahaveer Hanuman. Maha Pishach promises him. The line is chanted by Ram from Hanuman Chalisa – Mahaveer Jab Naam Sunawe, Bhoot Pishach Nikat Nahi Aawe! It resounds in the planet.

Hanuman is thought of by Kesari. Anjana overly starts to turn into her actual form. Hanuman is said to her too. Nania additionally says Hanuman. Kesari wonders where the Pishachs vanished to all of a sudden as he said Hanuman. Nani and Anjana are surprised to find everyone fighting. Kesari requests everyone to choose the name of Hanuman. You’re under the sway of Pishachs. You and say Hanuman will be free from the Pishachs. They fold their hands and say Hanuman. The Pishachs leave from Ayodhya and from there.

Their love overwhelms Hanuman. So the Yagya could finish Maharaj gives him huge credit. He’s got such a huge heart. He came back to Ayodhya to help us although there was a difficulty in Sumeru. Whole Ayodhya and I are indebted to him. Hanuman says the end of this Yagya means my Prabhu will eventually be a prince in future. Devrishi Narad had guided me to stop the idea of a difficulty if I need to be free from it. You were free from the Pishachs as an outcome of such just. A man tells them that Sumeru and the neighbor states are free from the Pishachs. Everyone is elated to hear thus.

Hanuman says Narad Ji was correct. My Sumeru is, in addition, free from Pishachs. Maharaj nods. Manthra believes this vanar is quite smart. He destroyed all my plans! By giving him the correct upbringing every mom can get a Hanuman. Maharaj seconds him. Mom is the first Guru of every child. Guru Vashishtha includes that tomorrow they’ll have the Rajya Abhishek for Ram. Maharaj needs whole Ayodhya to come in the Rajya Abhishek. He requests SUmant ji to make a statement in Ayodhya shortly. Do homework for it. Sumant nods.

Once Ram becomes a Prince Lakshman, Shatrughana offer to play some part or other. Shatrughana inquires Bharat what he’ll become. The smile vanishes from the face of Kaikayi. Manthra whispers in the ears of Kaikayi. While Bharat is going to be his servant, your precious Ram will probably be the prince. Ram addresses all his brothers. He embraces them all. You must save the lights of my life from the thunderstorm. All six sibs, including Hanuman, share a group hug.

Precap: As she examines the moon, Anjana prays to God. I would like to view Hanuman. I ‘ll feel at peace. As he examines the moon, Hanuman overly misses his mom.