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Sasuraal Simar Ka full Written Episode 6th November 2015

Sasuraal Simar Ka full Written Episode 6th November 2015:

Indra is performing her pooja. She requests the wedding locket of Simar to combust. He says I can not do this. Passing out is started by Prem. He passes out.
He is seen by Indra . She says a person cant bear all this. You will be removed by me . She attempts to take back her nail from the fist of prem.

They hear the voice in jungle of Simar. Mata ji says do not look back. They hear simar ji this is me your simar. Do not look back. We must keep moving. Look what Indra has done if you ask me. pari says what’s this is simar actually? Mata ji says are you calling from back although we need to see you. You can come in front although you understand we can not look back. Khushi says I ‘m truly frightened. Mata ji says do not be frightened. Girl yelling and shouting is heard by them. Jhanvi says who’s this girl? She is asked by Mata ji why you weeping and who are you? They get frightened to determine her. She laughs. In order to return to your own home, I’m here to assist you. The pots will break. And this story will finish here.

She says next session will be started by us afterwards.
Sujata says do not come. you can not do anything. she laughs. Sujata and Mata ji attempt to get it.
Prem wakes up and he remembers what indra said. He sees simar’s image and says simar.. Why is the image blur. Why are you currently going away from me. I can not live without you. Your memories were removed by her.

Everyone and Mata ji are in house that is baharaadwaj. They’re dazed. Badi amma says i told you now find ways to go from the personal house. In the event you are not dead. Pari says what’s occurring. She says you’re trapped. Because there’s no jungle you can not even go to jungle. Khushi says we’re trapped. Each of the riddles on world could be solved. Do not be frightened and find out a way. Badi amma vanishes and laughs. Mata ji begins coughing, she says do not touch anything. That is only an illusion. Mata ji sees sattu, sankalp and karuna. They cant hear although they make an effort to phone them. Khushi says we can’t be heard by them. Mata ji says there’s a wall here. The good always triumphs over the evil.

Precap: Prem says after that please bring simar back once I forget simar. indra laughs. A mantra is read by her.