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Sasural Simar Ka 26th May 2016 Episode Written Updates: Mataji apolozies the doctor!

Sasural Simar Ka 26th May 2016 Episode Written Updates: Mataji apolozies the doctor!

Sid is shocked, seeing Prerna standing at the edge of the balcony.

Now Sid asked Prerna to open her eyes as she shut her eyes and the real Simar (Bee) sigh! Thank god Sid reached in time and Prerna is saved by him.

Sid takes her to bed, and he narrates the whole scenario to Bharadwaj family, and he decides to sit in front of Prerna as he doesn’t want to leave Prerna. Sid sits there and eventually he also falls asleep there too. Fake Simar and Maani see them, and this Sid ruined the forgery, Simar says everything.

Sasural Simar Ka 26th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

She caresses his face and looks at his image with Roli.

Prerna asked him, what I am doing here and she’s shocked to find her in a room with Sid. Sid asked to her, you don’t recall, last night you try and commit suicide by jumping from the patio, and I reached on time and saved you thankfully.

Prerna is shocked to know so and in the breakfast table, Sujata determines to inquire to Sid not or whether he is serious about Prerna. She also calls them on the breakfast table. But the forgery Simar and Maani said that Prerna is upset, and she desires treatment, for Sid also gives the nod for the same and that Simar calls doctor.

Prerna screams and holds Sid’s collar and requested him you think I’m mad, Sid believes slowly Prerna locks herself in a room and that she losses her mental balance, that’s why last night she try to commit suicide.

Mata Ji said to Sujata, trust Prerna will not hurt herself and Mata Ji sadi we want the treatment of Prerna.

In the mean time, Maani asked to her that I can make anybody falls for my look and sit in front of the mirror.

I understand absolutely, and how you’ll be spare Sid, you will fall in love with me to tie the knot with me. Maani is worried how she’ll be seducing Sid.