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Satrangi Sasural Written Episode 30th January 2016

Satrangi Sasural Written Episode 30th January 2016

Place: Vihaan’s home

The kids begin their dumb charades, and Vihaan remembers his last tune with Arushi, Jeena Yaha, Marna Yahaan, and gets highly emotive. Mili uses magic to find out, the song and presumes that since it was the fav tune of Arushi, it must be Vihaan’s fav song too. She uses the magic to carry the song to the jinn, imitation Vihaan, and he speaks up saying that he figured, shocking Kyra, the actual Vihaan and granny. Mili smiles. He starts singing, shaking them all. The children are happy. The real Vihaan lunges at this throat and asks him who’s he while some are ostracised and then asks the fake one, not to utter another word. Mili eyes the Taveez and then realizes that this is what Kyra uses to differentiate between them both. She is determined to take it off. Kyra asks it to quit and takes him from there. Others and granny are tensed. Mili continues to request when they still think that she’s a liar, and asks what should she do, to prove herself. The mums loathing Kyra, concur that this is their Vihaan, along with the kids also accept him as their father. Granny, Geeta and Nilima are tensed. Granny says that she has the religion, that he won’t let any injustice happen to the wife of Vihaan, moms and the youngsters.

Later, as the Sardaar along with Kyra talk to the real Vihaan, they request him to calm down, and not mess up their strategy, by acting irrationally. He says that he would be unable to do it, as he doesn’t want to give any evaluation, and that he needn’t prove anything to anyone, and that he shall throw out Mili with the other one. The Devi Maa requests him intense, and not to get emotional. She sees that he doesn’t have the Taveez and inquiries where’s it. He frantically searches for it but doesn’t discover it, and eyes her boggled. She says that this means he isn’t the actual Vihaan. Vihaan is appalled. Kyra is thoroughly boggled. He asks how can she doubt her, after so much, as Mili can do anything, and that he’s her Vihaan. Kyra is appalled.

Outside, while all play with the fake Vihaan, and also the kids and Mili, Kyra checks and comes with the Hafeez and her shock, she finds it on the fake vihaan. She asks him how he got the Taveez. He inquires what does she mean, as she only gave him this one. The moms are boggled. The genuine vihaan stands tensed. Kyra tells what occurred, and he inquires how is this possible when Mili did not even understand that he has one. Vihaan, the real one, also says that Mili did this. Kyra to know the real vihaan, and asks her to locate a method, subsequently turns to Granny. Granny says that there’s just one manner, the kids shall tell who their father is. Granny says that Kyra shall give a test. Kyra asks what to do. Granny says that she shall tell. All are boggled and perplexed. Later, Narmada asks granny whats Kyra intending to do, and Granny says that she can’t tell anyone. Narmada says they have the right to understand, being Vihaan’s mom. Granny says that she shouldn’t feel awful, and should wait for it to happen.

She says that this is between Kyra and vihaan, and here is the final test. Mili decides that she has to alarm the fake vihaan, as something is cooking in granny’s head, that may cause trouble for her, and hears them from a distance, and it shall be better if she gets rid of granny totally. She then goes to her room, and attempts to locate the imitation vihaan, and she tries to go out when Granny comes and confronts her. Granny smacks her tight across her face. Granny tells Mili that she won’t have the ability to use her magic as she won’t let it happen. Mili gags and suffocates her, saying that she’s gone. Granny finally goes unconscious, while she muffles her screams. She eyes granny.

Outside, Kyra attempts to locate and is going to enter, when Mili is stressed to find Kyra and comes out and stops her means. Kyra requests whats her difficulty. Kyra goes in. Kyra comes in to seek fro granny, who’s kept under the bed. She leaves and doesn’t find her there.

Kyra says what may be more imp than this and that she was going to tell about the evaluations. While Nilima assures her not to overthink, she’s tensed. Meanwhile, they are heard by Mili from space and then believes they shall never have the ability to locate granny. She eyes one wearing the blue top, playing with Arhaan. He says they should complete this match completely now. When he attempts to come close, she stops him. He’s aghast. He asks her not to trouble, as now the imitation Vihaan shall be exposed by him at any cost, and after that, they can live happily. Without saying a word, he leaves. Kyra expects that she returns shortly, and wonders what granny’s test was.

Granny wakes up, distraught at what Mili continues to be not able to trust, and did. Granny says that she’ll need to tell everybody, as all are at risk. Mili says that no one but she understands the truth of the actual and also the limitation Vihaan, and when she attempts to expose her, then she’ll kill the Vihaan that is authentic. Granny is appalled and then inquires how can she do this, as she’s the sister of Arushi. Mili requests her to abide by whatever she says and asks her not to choose the name of Arushi, as just then, she’ll be joyful, along with her family. Granny quietly honors.

In the kitchen, Nilima locates Kyra requests her to calm down, and tensed. Kyra is exceptionally tensed about granny. Nilima tells to Kyra and finds granny in the doorway. Where was she Kyra asks? She then asks for the evaluation. Granny says that she doesn’t want, to say anything. Kyra inquires if she’s ok. Granny says that she’s going out, and signs to her, and perhaps her suffocation interior shall subside. Kyra goes out and comprehends her sign.

The genuine Vihaan overhears the imitation Vihaan and Mili’s dialogue, that as granny just understands the best way to discover who the real one is and that she’ll never open her mouth before Kyra, they should be alert. She adds that she understands Kyra, and she isn’t the kind who might be planning something to get to the truth, and shall sit idle. The actual Vihaan believes that he’ll stop this match forever tonight and that he must work tonight just.

Afterwards, in the nighttime, vihaan eyes them going, and then follows the jinn and Mili in secret stepping out. Kyra comes into the room, recalling granny’s words, who thanks her for comprehending her sign, to speak with her exterior, as Mili was mistaken that she would really get frightened and would frighten. Kyra inquires how she can. Granny says that she understands the job is not easy, but just she can do it. Kyra believes that go close to vihaan and she’ll need to do the work delegated. The display freezes on her face that is tensed.

Precap: Vihaan stealthily and secretly follows them, and after that takes out the Trishul that is holy, and makes a mad dash for the forgery vihaan as jinn and Mili go ahead. He lunges him about. While vihaan is shocked to see that it’s someone else, rather than the phony vihaan, Mili is amused.