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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF July 9 – 15, 2018

New policy: As of this Monday, July 9 there will be no more judging books by their covers. (At least try, Scorpio.) That day, people-centric Venus parades into Virgo and your eclectic, eccentric eleventh house. While you’ll have a long fuse for innovators, inventors, artists, activists and unapologetic rebels, you might not have much of a taste for “normcore.” Your social spheres could expand exponentially during this cycle, bringing all sorts of free thinkers into your orbit. Because fashionista Venus is the image consultant of the skies, this is a great opportunity for YOU to break out of the mold a bit, too, Scorpio. If you have to follow a certain dress code at work or in some other area of your life, so be it, but when you ARE free to make your own sartorial choices, let your freak flag fly! The eleventh house is also your tech and teamwork sector, and with love goddess Venus taking up residence, single Scorpios may have better than usual success on dating apps. Group hangs might also yield some hot prospects, so don’t cling to your standard besties. Work the room, knowing that anyone’s plus-one has kind of been “pre-screened.” Attached? This is a good few weeks for socializing more as a couple. Where do your squads overlap? Here’s a chance to form a joint entourage of people you BOTH enjoy and fill the summer calendar with potlucks, beer garten hangs and weekend day trips. Later this week, Venus gets a boost from two earth trines in your people houses—first from unpredictable Uranus on Wednesday and then structured Saturn on Saturday. Keep things lively with an ever-changing cast of characters!

Here’s the news all Scorpios have been waiting for (whether you knew it or not): It’s all systems go for your personal passions on Tuesday, courtesy of a finally forward-moving Jupiter in your sign! The giant motivator has been snoozing in retrograde for the past four months, but now it’s waking up and making up for lost time. If you’ve been spinning your wheels, unable to make any progress, buckle your seat belt and prepare to blast off until November 8 (or longer!). Plans and projects that got started earlier in the year then stalled (or disappeared) when the “red giant” shifted into reverse on March 8 will start to pick up speed again. But retrogrades serve an important purpose: They help us review and revisit ideas and get a clearer, more objective look. Because Jupiter’s in your sign, this may have felt VERY personal. Now that it’s blasting ahead, you can use your newfound clarity and confidence to plot out some dazzlingly bold new moves.

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Quick, where’s your lightweight clamshell suitcase and travel pillow? You may be flying the friendly skies on not much notice after Thursday, when the year’s only new moon in Cancer—also a galvanizing solar eclipse—powers up your ninth house of footloose fantasies. This could relate to actual travel, or it can wake up and shake up any areas where you feel like your wings are being clipped—stressful job, unfulfilling relationship or whiny friends. No need to get resentful when you could be joyfully plotting your exit strategy. Even if you can’t jump ship now, give yourself until the corresponding Cancer full moon on December 22 to extricate yourself. But if you’re restless or unhappy, this is a perfect moment to set things in motion.

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