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Silsila Pyaar Ka Written Episode 20th January 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka Written Episode 20th January 2016

Kajal goes to a store purchases burkha n gets dressed into it n walks away with a bag, she sits in an automobile n is believing 5 yrs after I ‘m going to that house using an assignment n will finish it for sure. Janki walks to raunaks room with shut eyes n opens the door n grins n walks to his bed opens eyes but sees theres no raunak n says oh I forgot raunak is not home he’s out of town n will come back today, she sees the split love letter framed n says when will my son come out of this kajal matter n leaves.

At Sharma niwas, everybody is occupied with graha pravesh pooja, raunak walks in rests name plate n a vase in the home, Sharma questions what are u doing, mom comes in with authorities, raunak says u betrayed me n my business n I don’t forgive such individuals, this puri helped sharmaji into get imitation documents n cleared the loan from our business, Sharma says ur employment is at error why blame us, raunak says but u gave him money so u three will probably be detained.

Raunak reaches house, janki quits him n says u understand I do not like to see depressed, and raunak authorities will do their work why do u drop into it, raunak says ma I despise liars n trators, janki recalls how she intended entire kajal n akshay event n raunak is oblivious of it, rauna says I despise folks who use people for their own well-being, janki says but son, raun says no mother I despise them n can never forgive them, janki says raunak get over it, its 5 yr Didi if raunak is really upset with someone elses fraud through when he’ll understand what u did, what’ll he go, janki says from last 5 yrs u folks are living on my expenses n so ur mouth better shuts.

Vidhi says she must be weeping because she’s gonna leave this house, neeti says chachi Is right sanjana, chachi says my daughter is talkative n son constantly soo shy, go check ur sisters wedding arrangements, kajal reaches raunaks house, she’s asked to reveal the card, kajal reveals a card with shabnam banno n says plz keep this tote here I ‘ll take it after, kajal walks in she sees raunak speaking on telephone, she’s flashes of how raunak killed akshay, kajal passes by raun, raunak ceases n turns around n looks at her.

Precap: Kajal removes the naqab of her burkha, janki walks to her n says this is my house n I ‘ll not let anyone destroy happiness here, kajal says but aunty now ur happiness will likely be ruined.