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Silsila Pyaar Ka Written Episode 22nd January 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka Written Episode 22nd January 2016

Mama discussing abt his wedding wish with a granny, the granny says I ‘m single too u can wed me, sanket clicks his pictures, raunak says what are u upto, sanket says bhai this is for social media, n thanku because of u neeti is gonna marry n entire room is going to be mine.

Kajal says aunty plz consider me, janki says u attempting to show me that I ‘m being partial to my daughter then I would like to tell u I love my daughter more than anything in this world n if ur brother takes any measure I am going to make hell out of him, kajal says aunty time is running go speak to neeti, janki says stay here n dare u go out of the room, kajal says aunty plz let me come I wish o conversation to neeti, raunak opens the door n is shocked to see kajal, he walks to her n has all the old memory going all over his mind n then asks kajal u here how come n it was u who passed by right, janki says raunak talk to her later right now we have to speak to neeti, kajal says aunty plz let me come, janki says no cherished stay here n raunak come shortly merely come n takes him away with her.

Kamini tells munmun as soon as u see janki fall in her feets n take her benedictions, janki n raunak come there, kamini says janki where were u, janki says kamini go sit in my room n munmun plz go n attend guests ,janki n raunak leave n munmun says mother what’s this she’s so demanding, kamini says shutup n go follow as she says n why did she ask me to go to her room god understands.

Raunak asks ma what all is this.kamini reaches jankis room n shocked to see kajal there ,neeti packs all her clothes in a bag n throws it down from the window,vinay waiting down there with torch n asks her to come down shortly, neeti makes a rope out of dupattas throws it down n abt to go down, janki knocks the door n requests to open the door, raunak says what’s she doing alone there ,open the door soon, neeti gets tensed n conceals everything,raunak n janki panic n start slamming the door hard, neeti opens door.

Janki questions why did u take so long what were u doing,neeti says ma actually, I would like to tell u something,janki says what’s it, neeti says ma this wedding I’m really tensed, janki inquires what’s it what all is this, neeti says ma I am very nervous, janki asks what’s making u nervous, neeti begins laughing n says cmon mother what’s this why are u so tensed,janki says quits lying n tell me what’s it, raunak says yeseeti why did u take so long to open the door, neeti says this lehnga its so substantial, janki says is this the truth or u making narratives, vinay thinkin why did neeti pull the rope back n where is she now, neeti says why will I make stories ma, janki walks to window n looks down,neeti believes oh no vinay is waiting down I hope ma doesn’t see him, raunak says neeti tell me are u happy with this wedding, neeti says yes bhai its my day today, raunak says neeti u Cant remain with someone u do not love n tell me what’s in ur heart I do not need u to do the mistake so if u like someone else tell us before its to late.

Janki shuts the window , neeti says no bhaiya theres nothing such as this, I understand u two love me a lot, janki says neeti give me ur telephone, neeti says why ma, raunak says ma,jankis ays raunak not now neeti I asked for telephone, janki takes the phone n telephones the recent dialed number named vinita, vinay gets call n grins.