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Silsila Pyaar Ka Written Episode 23rd January 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka Written Episode 23rd January 2016

Janki calls the amount,vinay picks the call but doesn’t reply listening to jankis voice,janki inquires why is not ur friend speaking, neeti says m she is already late for the function n may be network error, vinay calls back n talks in girls voice n says aunty I ‘m neetis friend I ‘ll be a little late plz tell neeti.vidhi comes in, janki scolds her for leaving neeti alone, raunak asks neeti u truly happy right, neeti nods yes, janki says raunak lets go we’ve imp work to do n leaves, vidhi say sorry neeti I ‘ve to stay with u n I cant leave u alone.

Kamini questions kajal, why is she here n for what, janki comes with raunak n says she is here for revenge, kamini inquires what reprisal, kajal says aunty u are taking me wrong,janki says shutup neeti Is in her room she did not go any where,kamini says why will neeti run away what’s this,janki says this is all kajals strategy to ruin neetis wedding n take revenge, kajal says enough aunty why will I take revenge n what payback will I take, what happened 5 yrs back that u are always saying that I ‘m here for retaliation, raunak believes doesn’t kajal understand it was me who pushed akshay.

Kajal says akshay didn’t reply that day nor anyone,janki asks then why are u here,kajal says aunty trust me I ‘m here for neetis not bad. Neeti stuck with vidhi, she calls vinay n says Vinita hi where are u, oh stuck in traffic, I am so missing u n walks to window n says ma called u for same reason n whispers ma has requested chachi to stay with me so now we must go with plan B n cuts the call.

Janki says raunak what’s this, u need kajal to wait,kamini says ya I mean this girl, raunak says enough mother just trust me, kajal says thanku raunak sir, raunak says trust n thanku, some people broke it to such extent that I do not believe in these words, I hope u do not do the same error, janki says cease raunak, u need kajal to stay I concur u stay here with her n walks with kamini to welcome to barat n says kajal u don’t have much time.

Kamini says janki what do u think abt this kajal, janki says she’s lying she is here to take payback n desire to destroy neeti wedding n says oh no how did I leave kajal n raunak alone in a single room, kamini says janki u go down attend the barat I’ll look after this kajal.

Raunak n kajal In one room, kajal removes her naqab n says thanku sir, kamini gets a saree n says janki sent u this saree n thus get ready n come down n leaves but hides beside the door, kajal takes the saree n gets dressed, she walks to the mirror n puts on bindi, applies sindoor, raunak feels lousy n has all the old college days flashes going all around his head n how akshay betrayed him n wed kajal.

Precap: Kajal sees vinay n abt to walk to him flit raunak walks to her n inquires, a server are u alright,kajal says sir I saw here where did he go.