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Silsila Pyaar Ka Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

Silsila Pyaar Ka Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

Janki says akshay I ‘m waiting out talk shortly n come out we shd be leaving, janki acts as if she is gone n gestures akshay to speak, kajal says akshay are u happy with this wedding, akshay says why are u asking, kajal says though I may have torn that letter but now I really value those words n would like to know do u really feel what u had written, I’d like to hear those words from u, akshay says yes I composed my heart on it n feel each and every word, janki purposely walks away n says akshay enough now do staying discussions after we shd leave n cuts the call n says see kajal has fallen in love with u, akshay says u pushed me into this wedding but what will u know when raunak will learn the facts, janki says I wont tell him n WOn’t allow u to tell n now enough its ur wedding day get prepared n appreciate this day.

Raunak reaches Bhopal n rushes to venue, janki tells munshi we shd be leaving I don’t need the bride to keep waiting, raunak calls janki n says ma do something I have reached, janki says raunak what abt kajal n her family it is like a sin for me but I ‘ll do it for u so come shortly son, akshay hears this n presumes thank god raunak is coming n now I have to delay matters, raunak say I do not consider akshay my brother would do it, raunak scolds motorist n decides to drive on his own.

Janki threatens pandit to finish all rites within half n hour, raunak driving to the place he has kajal on his mind n that letter with kajal n akshays images n is very mad,raunak gets stuck in traffic but some how sneaks, kajal n akshay come to mandap, pandit asks them to exchange garlands, everyone is smiling except akshay, akshay taking time, janki requests him to be quick, both exchange garlands, akshay is believing abt ways to delay wedding, he purposely falls a plate of pooja samagri, panditiji says oh no we desire new samagri now, janki says no worries I got additional in my car kamini go get it n akshay don’t u stress all will be in time.

Raunak dashboards a vehicle, driver says mister what did u do this, raunak gets down n starts running to the venue, wedding rites start, ashok says panditji plz calm down why are u rushing,panditji says I ‘m doing my manner plz cease interrupting n starts mantras chanting again, ashok is called for kanyadan, ashok is missing his wife n calls kajals relative n his wife for kanyadan, janki does the gathbandan n says may u be collectively life long n keep loving eachother, panditiji inquires to choose pheres, akshay n kajal choose pheres,akshay is eagerly waiting for raunak.

Raunak reaches the site, akshay places mangalsutra n applies sindoor in kajals forehead, janki really happy seeing her plan work, raunak races to the mandap, janki sees raunak , raunak abt to cease them, panditji says u are now husband n wife take blessings of seniors,raunak in tears n shock.

Precap: Raunak says akshay why did u snatch my kajal from me go away n pushes akshay falls off the cliff n kajal sees this n yells akshay.