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Siya Ke Ram 7th June 2016 Written Episode Updates: Trijata Hypnotizes Sita!

Siya Ke Ram 7th June 2016 Written Episode Updates: Trijata Hypnotizes Sita!

Siya Ke Ram 7th June 2016 Written Episode Updates
Siya Ke Ram 7th June 2016 Written Episode Updates

The last telecast of Siya Ke Ram showcased that Ravan asks himself why he’s so worried about Sita and envisions himself in the mirror. He needs to marry Sita.

When Sita said her Ram, he felt envious. The mirror breaks and gets upset. He says must live here, and she has to forget Ram as she cannot go everywhere from here.

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Surpankha believes now who’ll save Sita from her and does havan with other followers. Sita lays down on flooring. Ravan inquires he understands she’s sad because he acted ill-mannered with her and went there. Where anyone can come, he kept her here but she’s unique and just particular individuals can meet with her, so he’s planned something.

Surpankha asks what he’s done and goes to him. Ravan tells this is a labyrinth, and this isn’t ordinary. This will transform to prevent everyone from reaching to Sita. Surpankha says its great. Ravan says he believes she needs to gift this knife to him.

Ravan says next time make some powerful weapons and ruins it. Ravan and Sitar play. Vibhishan tells she’d not ate food from several days and comes there, and he has done this. Ravan taunts him that he believed he’ll transform with time. Ravan asks him if he recalls youth scene when some kids came to fight with him, and he got the better of all them by saying that now his dad has called today no one can get the better of him.

So their trust broke, and they were got the better of by Ravan. Ravan tells he has done with Sita additionally like this now. Ravan says this room will burn and phones somebody. Ravan laughs although Vibhishan becomes worried.

Ravan asks Vibhishan. Does he understand why he’s called as Dashanan? He tells because no one can get the better of him in cleverness and he also knows that somebody is making controversy but he, can command everybody. Vibhishan tells may be adversary isn’t presuming to assault him.

Trijata says she believes her future is excellent, so she is going to make her see the future and to become Lankesh’s wife, but she’s rejecting this good suggestion and may be she doesn’t understand the value of Lankesh.