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Siya Ke Ram Written Episode 23rd January 2016

Siya Ke Ram Written Episode 23rd January 2016

The Episode starts with Devi Parvati saying the universe is not unhappy with Shri Ram and Devi Sita’s union. She asks why was human form taken by Shri Ram. Mahadev says none can understand few, and rationales can be many, many egoistic Adharmi Rakshas come, when Dharm is examined in such time Nayaran appears to bring Dharm, Shri Ram has come for such reason. She asks whats the primary reason.

He says Narayan desires to stay in human form, and live everyday life to establish truth and righteous life can be selected even in tough times, and that Devtas will help such people. He says yes, they will do world’s uddhar by their human avatar, they are going to write a fresh story of humanity.

Ram and Sita grin seeing each other. Urmila tells Sita that your belief became your fate, I m sure no hurdle can come today. Parshuram comes there and yells Janak. It begins thundering. They get shocked seeing him. Parshuram looks at the Shiv Dhanush broken and fumes. He walks ahead. He is greeted by Janak and welcomes him in Mithila. Parshuram goes to see the Dhanush.

They get worried. Parshuram says I told about stringing the Dhanush, not breaking it, this is sin, who’s that egoistic guy, come infront of me, his departure is for sure now. While everyone stress, Ram stays serene. He says this was done infront of Maharishis, is there no one who can dare to reply me.

Laxman says your questions don’t end, how can you be answered by anyone, you’re so mad too. Parshuram asks who is this ridiculous man who doesn’t understand me. Laxman says I understand you very well, Bal Brahmachari Prabhu Parshuram that is angry, you came on auspicious time and anger isn’t right here.

Parshuram inquires why is this guy saying this, he doesn’t understand my fury affect. Laxman says we know it, you killed many innocent warriors by your anger, how can forget this.

Urmila says Ram has to tolerate Parshuram’s rage. Mandvi says Parshuram is very anger. Vishwamitra greets Parshuram and stops him, saying these are Dasharath’s son Ram and Laxman. Parshuram says they do not believe my benedictions. Till where his Rajya extends he shouts and asks Janak to answer him, else he will turn. They get shocked.

will be one of your servant. Parshuram says no, that will be my enemy, and I will punish my enemy, either that enemy can accept his offense or become reason for departure of all these princes.

Why this anger now Laxman says many Dhanush broke during our childhood, you didn’t come that time. Parshuram inquires do not you understand difference between Shiv Dhanush and others, this is the insult, and scolds Laxman of Lord Shiv. Vishwamitra apologizes to Parshuram and says don’t count their mistakes. Parshuram gives them the final caution and says the one who broke this Dhanush come infront of me, else…. Ram says I folds hands, and m the one. Ram Ram….plays…………

Raavan comes back to Lanka and remembers his failure. Mahadev is said by him, I had the right on that Dhanush. He gets 10 heads and says I m your biggest devotee, you cheated me, I could not light your Dhanush, this was my biggest humiliation, you have damage my belief, everybody is terrified of me and today they laughed on me, you did not help me and I don’t desire you, return back to your Kailash, there’s no area for you in Lanka. The place starts trembling. Raavan leaves.

Parshuram sees Ram walking to him. Sita and everyone worry. Ram folds hands and says I broken this Shiv Dhanush, but it wasn’t my intention to insult Lord Shiv.

Ram says seniors just bless and not get angry, you are brave, excuse me. Parshuram says by breaking the Dhanush, you are giving Gyaan to me, you’re requesting me, fight with me and accept your error, else I’ll kill you along with your brother.

Parshuram says see his egotism, you did sin and saying perhaps…. Get your weapons and fight with me. Laxman fumes. Sita gets teary eyed. Shocked is looked on by everyone.

Precap: Parshuram says I ‘ve lost major kings, fight with me Ram. Raavan tells Mandodari that I will penalize Ram , even if Mahadev wishes or not.