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Siya Ke Ram Written Episode Update 16th January 2016

Siya Ke Ram Written Episode Update 16th January 2016

The Episode begins with Janak welcoming Raavan in Mithila. He says I m happy you accepted my invitation. Malyavaan says no one is as strong as Lankesh. As I’ve come here Raavan says request every one of the princes to return back to their state. He says that Dhanush is your daughter Sita as well as mine also. Raavan says but before this, I would like to see the Divya Dhanush in private of Mahadev.

Janak plays with the shank. They say no doubt and get happy seeing so many princes, all of them have come to wed Mithila princess Sita. Urmila requests them to see that prince that is thin, it doesn’t appear he can string the Dhanush. Shruthkirti says I believe that is Magad prince, he’s extremely learned. Mandvi says we shouldn’t remark on them, as anyone can marry Sita. Urmila says only prince Ram will win Swayamvar and remembers Ram. Mandvi says but perhaps Ram will not come, Raavan will win. Urmila says see, Ram win and will come. They both claim.

Kushadwaj says it appears all the Aryavar princes have come here. The princes are welcomed by Kushadwaj. Shathanand says only physical ability isn’t have to lift Shiv Dhanush, heart innocence is, in addition, desired. Kushadwaj says you said accurate. They see some strange princes coming also.

Dasharath says where Vishwamitra took Ram and Laxman, will be good, I do not understand. Guru Vashisht inquires why are you stressed, do you suspect Ram or Vishwamitra. Ram has been understood for his greatest abilities, he’s directed Ram and Dasharath says no, I can not question him, I m grateful to Vishwamitra for the journey of Ram. Vashisht says Ram has gone out to comprehend himself, away from your care, he’ll experience new things and it’s going to help him in understanding the purpose of his life. My Ram is the greatest, although Dasharath says you’re saying accurate, Ram is my everyday, there are lots of warriors in this Vansh, I’ve tried hard to comprehend him, but I attempt, I see my heir in him and my son. The ashram of Gautam Rishi is close to Mithila, I ‘d have sent message to Vishwamitra to take Ram to Mithila’s Swayamvar if I understood this, I’d have accepted the invitation, its good luck to make relationships with Janak of Janak. Vashisht grins.

Kushadwaj tells Janak for hosting the princes as well as their soldiers that they are being helped by the Praja. Janak says we’re fortunate to get the love of Praja. Sunaina says I believe few things aren’t done ter. Chandrabhaga says I ‘ll see whether decorations and all clothing are prepared. Sunaina goes to him and sees Janak. Are you stressed she inquires.

Everyone grin seeing her. Sunaina says its time for Swayamvar, Sita. Sita asks about Janak and looks at the doorway. Sunaina says he’s active in welcoming guests and arrangements, he will not be able to come, if he could come, he’d have really come. Janak says yes, you’re correct. Sita grins seeing him.

Janak says is daughter warm, I constantly believed, dads simply need to keep them eternally. Sita requests when why do dads do her bidaai and give her to someone else. She says I m prepared by your belief, and weeps and embraces him. Sunaina nods. He leaves.


Swayamvar begins. Siya Ram……….plays…… Ram and Sita walk to each other and exchange garlands.