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Siya Ke Ram Written Update 30th January 2016

Siya Ke Ram Written Update 30th January 2016

The Episode begins with Sita leaving and seeing Ram in the temple. Urmila asks her why she is leaving. Ram grins and hears her. While Urmila runs after her Sita grins and leaves. Waterfalls by Laxman’s hand on Urmila and they claim. Urmila quits her and runs to Sita. Sita grins.

The demon snake Tatik believes there will be retribution as per the order of Raavan and looks on. The villagers get to believe it’ll rain and vexed. Tatik says Mithila will experience the wrath of Raavan. He lifts the water. Sita says something isn’t right here Urmila and sees the lake, go and tell the region head relating to this. Urmila goes.
Sunaina inquires Shruthkirti and Mandvi, and looks for Sita and Urmila. They say we do not understand. Sunaina says they’ll recognize when they go to tell Janak, and become the mom.

Kaushalya inquires Dasharath did he tell Janak that they can be not unhappy with the suggestion. He says we are joyful and remembers Kaikeyi’s words, but Kaikeyi will never tolerate Janak’s daughter for Ram. Kaushalya inquires why. I m presuming if Ram understands Kaikeyi’s view afterward… Sumitra says do not worry, and Ram Won’t get it this. Kaushalya says yes, Ram a lot is loved by Kaikeyi, she’s proud to be the mom of Ram, she doesn’t do anything with wrong motives. Sumitra says we will convince Kaikeyi. He nods. He believes he should take the acceptance of Guru Vashisht also.

Kaushalya asks Daasi in regards to the letter. Daasi says the letter for Kaikeyi of its Ram. Kaushalya goes to Kaikeyi with Sumitra, and takes it. Kaikeyi says my choice will not alter. Sumitra and Kaushalya describe her how much Ram values her, and how much Kaikeyi loves him. Kaushalya says you’re crucial for Ram and gives the letter to her.

Kaikeyi from Ram reads the letter. Kaikeyi weeps.

Will you not concur even did Sumitra asks your selection change. Kaikeyi says once I take it I do not alter my choice. Sumitra and Kaushalya begin leaving. Kaikeyi says but its mom’s responsibility to provide precedence to kid’s happiness, I accept this suggestion, if the happiness of Ram is in this, I m not confidence to take Sita after union. I ‘ve stated that I’ll take good care of all arrangements, do you concur. Sumitra and Kaushalya and Kaikeyi hug. All of them grin.

Ram sees Sita and comes at the lake. He inquires what’s this change. He says it appears rain will commence. She says this kind of changes got water in her hands and didn’t occur in Mithila. She requests him to carry the water and reveals the water to Ram. He says it’s quite serene. She says rainwater isn’t such, and I believe its not enjoy it seems. He grins. Sita says you do not believe me. Ram says I consider on all you say, your instinct reveals how much you understand nature. She says who’ll not comprehend nature, and there’s something which is not uniform. The wave towards Sita throws. Sita and Ram look on.

Ram stands in front of Sita to procure her and comes. Siya Ram….plays Sita grins seeing him. Ram fires an arrow towards the wave thunderstorm. The wave vanishes and Tatik go away to get saved. Tatik appears on shocked. The villagers cheer for Ram and come back. They cheer for Sita. Tatik says there’s a person who’s not unlike to challenge my magical powers, and I must find a perfect time to strike and changes into a snake.

Precap: After doing, Sita questions Ram what can he ask her. Ram asks her is her understanding there in this union decision, or is she following what’s happening. Urmila screams seeing the huge snake coming out of waters and is right at the lake.