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Star Plus: Full written episode of Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd November 2015

Star Plus: Full written episode of Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd November 2015 :

Begins with Emily leaving from the house of Komal. Satya and Sandhya get inside the house of Komal. Satya sees the pic of Komal. Sandhya says whats this and sees wall. She reads… Mohit was not killed by Komal, when she’s seen someone was fighting and has come to meet Mohit she met him and was leaving. Sandhya believes it means someone else has come there. Satya requests policeman to send the pic of Komal to everyone, and assess at every checkpoints. Sandhya believes who can be this killer.

She says quit this junk. He says come, we’ll speak to Emily. Satya shows Rathi family members Komal’s sketch. Babasa, Vikram and Bhabho say they do not understand her. Your family seems brief, did anyone run, where’s Emily, did she go to use glycerin in eyes taking my words, although he says good. Sandhya says she’s in room, we ask and will go there, come. She runs to assess her telephone and views the pic of Komal and Mohit.

She remembers Mohit sleeping and coming home. She has seen that pic , and it checked his telephone. In order that it becomes a cause for her divorce, she’d forwarded that pic. FB endings. The pic is deleted by her from her telephone. Satya and Sandhya come there. Satya shows the sketch of her Komal and inquires does she understand her. She says she will not understand her. He requests her to see nicely. She denies understanding Komal. He says good, can I assess your telephone. She handover her telephone. He looks at her and checks her phone.

She believes she must be cautious, they must not get any evidence. Sandhya requests about serving him food, Satya. He says after getting the offender penalized of Mohit, I ‘ll dine here. Sandhya believes it means Komal and Mohit had a relationship.

Vikram questions what are you really saying. Meenakshi says this daughter and Emily. Bhabho sits and shouts. Emily runs to her room. Satya says till we get this girl, Mohit was interesting, the storyline of Mohit Rathi WOn’t be finished.

Its nighttime, Bhabho requests medication to be given by Meenakshi on time to Pari. Sandhya believes the uncertainty of Satyadev wasn’t erroneous, Mohit and Komal had connection, thus is he right that my relative is behind his murder. She holds and believes hot milk container. She leaves and cries it. Bhabho asks where’s her focus and takes care of her hand. Meenakshi says Sandhya is presuming to get the perpetrator of Mohit. Bhabho says this is no work here. Meenakshi says I ‘ll get medications.

Tea is given by Meenakshi to Vikram. Bhabho says no demand, I m good. Meenakshi says since the relationship of Komal and Mohit is understood, Bhabho is stressed. Sandhya believes what occurred to Sooraj. Policeman says we’re keeping a watch on her bank trades also.

Sooraj says physician said surgery is essential, he’s coming from way and huge physician. Bhabho says she is not going to get surgery done, she understands her well-being, nothing will occur. Is she adamant Vikram requests Bhabho, Sooraj is correct. Sooraj says you’ve only one kidney Bhabho, well-being is essential. Bhabho says I m good. Sooraj holds the Chakki, and questions what’s she saying, he’s also tenacious, till she says yes, he’ll not have water and food. He goes. Bhabho says she is not going to concur. Bhabho from grinding grains ceases. Bhabho goes. Sandhya says what occurred to Sooraj, he believes is he hiding something, and never did emotional blackmail.

Recap: The senior says he wants results. Satya says result will come soon. He asks Rathi family and Lalima to come police lab for giving finger prints.