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Suhani Si Ek Ladki full Written Episode of 5th November 2015

Suhani Si Ek Ladki full Written Episode of 5th November 2015:

The show begins with Mili going to Suhani and Yuvraaj, and disturbing them. She says she really wants to play and didn’t shed. Yuvraaj discusses Suhani. Pratima concerns and sees them. Gauri’s area clears its day. Gauri apologizes to Suhani and helps her. Suhani smiles and hugs her. Pratima says she’ll perform with Mili and requires Yuvraaj and Suhani to go out. Yuvraaj says I m currently getting out her, I ordered a table. Suhani says your Sadu child is changing. Pratima says he’s my beautiful boy.

Dadi discusses them. Pratima says Mili and I’ll perform . Bhavna asks her to put it on, this can match her. Towels requires Suhani are they not having that joker. Suhani would go to change. Menka claims they both are making today, and would go to Gauri. Gauri says no, I’ll play together.

He asks today, Suhani to possess food of his decision. Them stop and says she’ll play. Mili stops. Suhani says we’re not likely to play. Gauri says she desires to opt for Yuvraaj and Suhani. They leave. Menka and towels smile. Dadi requires Pratima did she not speak with Suhani. Pratima says I spoke. Dadi gets angry.

Gauri covers mark within the restaurant burns. She gets frightened and her rests. Gauri says I do want to get home. Yuvraaj says we proceed, stay, you mentioned you’ll arrive us and will have food. Gauri is afraid of server and shouts. Suhani explains Mili to not worry. Suhani foretells Mili, asking the menu to not clear. Dadi requires supervisor just how can he let angry woman come here and can also be therein cafe.

Yuvraaj orders food, and shows Mili he’ll help her. Gauri makes and shouts things. The person requires Suhani just how can she angry woman here. How come he wondering Suhani asks him, did this girl-trouble him, she’s come here for first time. Yuvraaj asks whats this, I needed a peaceful meal with my spouse. He says I m making, I don’t have routine to stay messy place. Dadi believes when its about selecting both Yuvraaj or Mili what’ll Suhani do today.

Gauri and Suhani come home. Gauri requires will I speak with Bhai. Suhani says no, I’ll speak with him. Gauri says she got a concept. She suggests that woman is coming between Suhani and you, and destroying the area. He wants. Pratima requires why does she not accept her Gauri to speak with her. Gauri says hugs and sorry Pratima.

Pratima says he’s in place. Suhani says she’ll keep his rage, as she did mistake. She sees it available and hits the doorway. She doesn’t find him and moves inside. Yuvraaj claims shayari in Large B type and involves her. She says sorry and keeps ears. He smiles and asks to create sorry card. He says yes, I noticed I quit Mili and you is cafe, it was amiss. Its nothing beats that, although he says I m happy reading your admission. He makes her smile and asks her to sit down.

Saware……….plays…………. She says this means I simply found you for no work. He says its great we recognized our errors, my spouse recognized her husband wants her time. They laugh. She says I realized. They’ve a hug. Dadi is frustrated with scolds and Pratima Pratima to be reckless in benefiting from place to assist Yuvraaj and Suhani. Pratima claims but Mili didn’t pay attention to me. She says you’ll be reason behind their battle, you can often be useless and are useless. Pratima goes and cries. Dadi thinks she hopes Pratima can get feeling now. She says she’ll sign charity cheque and gets a phone. She says she’s to move, if she shows something to someone then… but can she watch on Gauri and stops phone.

Suhani requires Gauri what’ll she have. Guava is said by Gauri, a tree is in garden. Suhani appears on.

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