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Suhani Si Ek Ladki Written Episode 22nd January 2016

Suhani Si Ek Ladki Written Episode 22nd January 2016

The Episode starts with Bhavna giving tea to Saurabh and Sharad. Saurabh says I do not comprehend, why did she hide this. Dadi conversations to Aditya and they sit by Gauri’s side. For stealing the necklace Aditya apologizes to Dadi. Dadi says my everything is of my kids, Suhani isn’t part of my entire life, Gauri is bearing all this because of her. Yuvraaj says I could not do anything and Gauri is tolerating all this, I m not a good brother.

Saurabh says I know you endured a lot, its rough for you. Yuvraaj says yes, but we can’t forget responsibilities out, we are her brothers, we should locate that offender who made all of us endure. Sharad says yes, we must get justice for Gauri. Yuvraaj says yes. Saurabh says its so perplexing, how to find that man, I don’t understand how did Gauri endure pain for so many days did she not tell us about her wound. Rags requests him to see time, does he not have to sleep. Saurabh asks her are you certain that was Gauri’s nail, and says I will come. Rags says ofcourse, I m certain.

Gauri wakes up. Dadi asks are you good, how did you get hurt. Gauri says some time. Dadi says physician said its old. Gauri says no, its 2 days old. Dadi says good, if you get hurt again, tell us. Aditya asks her to rest.

Suhani is called by Yuvraaj. He requests her to come I need to discuss plenty of stuff. She says me also, its all complex, I don’t comprehend. He says I feel I could not do anything for Gauri, I need your help, bye. She sees the chart she made.

Pankaj is met by Lata and shouts. She says Suhani requests him not to do such thing again, and doesn’t tell anything to me. She takes his assurance. He says I assure, forgive me, don’t stress. Since Suhani married in Birla family, her life got ruined she says, she’s been enduring a good deal in a single year. Soumya says I need to meet with uncle Suhani, did you find about actual perpetrator. Suhani says no, I don’t understand how to lesson father’s pain. Krishna says I comprehend, I was scared when I was told cops was coming to detain me and ran away, I believed I can not bear all that occurring with Pankaj. Suhani requests who told you. Krishna says I got a message authorities is coming to arrest me and your family doubts on me, so I ran away. Suhani says there was nothing like that, someone lied to you, do you have that amount.

Krishna says message got deleted but I got call too. The amount is shown by him. Soumya says we check and will call on these numbers. They attempt to phone, and Suhani says this third number is the one by I feel odd, I believe this issue will not result good.

Someone throws a house that is cellular telephone in the bin in Birla. Suhani meets Bhavna Yuvraaj and Sharad. Suhani says I understand, I wish this would have not occurred is Gauri. Yuvraaj says she is good, resting now, do not meet her, I do not want her to get hyper. Suhani says I understand, I don’t want to trouble her. He thanks her. He says she told Dadi that she got hurt 2 days. She says will damage herself. He asks what.

Suhani says physician said its her nail in her wound. Bhavna says why will she do this. Yuvraaj says we understand she is hyper, perhaps she did this panicking. If I am seen by Rags Suhani says I ‘ll leave, she will make issue. Menka talks to Ramesh and another man about mobile. Ramesh says perhaps someone. Menka scolds the guy and asks him to reveal phone. Suhani says let it be, perhaps he got. Menka requests do not I ‘ve any value, you’re requiring this garbage taker guy, I ‘ll ask everyone and get this man arrested. The man says its not my phone, I got this phone from garbage. Why will anyone throw phone in ashcan Yuvraaj questions. Menka says he’s stolen it.

Saurabh says Yuvraaj, we’ve got assembly and they leave. Suhani inquires the guy about telephone. The guy says got this in garbage and sim has thrown there, don’t know where it is. She says good, don’t say this to anyone. Suhani looks for the sim and checks telephone. Yuvraaj and Saurabh come there. Yuvraaj inquires what happened. She says I was finding my ring. He says request Ramesh, do not be foolish.

She says I will find it. Saurabh says come, we are getting for summit. Yuvraaj and Saurabh leave. Suhani sees the sim. She says it means that man didn’t lie, someone has really throwing the telephone in bin. By calling on her amount she checks the sim, and gets shocked seeing the same number, which Krishna gave her.

I need to talk to Yuvraaj. She turns and sees Pratima.

Precap: Suhani asks Gauri to sit, her wound will hurt. Gauri says wound is not of puja day, its 2 day old wound. Suhani says I didn’t tell anything about it.