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Sumit Sambhal Lega full written episode of 5th November 2015

Sumit Sambhal Lega full written episode of 5th November 2015:

They organize the platforms to play with ping pong. She says today children can perform. Dolly claims he performed TT because he was three years old and praises Rajneesh. Sumit says if this is actually the outcome my children won’t perform. Aaliya laughs. Rajneesh tells he dropped to Papa ji and teased Sumit. Rajneesh says lots of taunts and so they remember Jasbir’s taunts.

Sumit says who created the time is lost for by Papa ji. Sumit laughs. Rajneesh says after dropping the fit Papa ji got unhappy. They laugh. Dolly says cry was created by Jasbir . Sumit says I didn’t cry. Dolly says you seemed so sweet, its great Jasbir created you get deliberately. Sumit asks what, I created Papa ji shed, I had been in 10th school. Dolly says good. Rajneesh says no, Jasbir created Sumit get. Sumit says I would go to Jasbir and gained by my expertise. Rajneesh goes after him and says I can’t skip this.

Rajneesh demands Jasbir to express, did he shed fit deliberately. Jasbir says yes, what exactly. Sumit says Papa ji is laying, I made you lose. Jasbir says chef was grandmaster of TT and I applied to work-in Oriental resort and laughs, he applied to show me. Sumit says its rest, you lost being exhausted.

Sumit says I recall your experience that is frustrated. Jasbir functions again and makes frustrated experience. He asks Sumit to express today. Sumit requires was he working. Papa ji didn’t I would like to get match, although Rajneesh says wonderful. Jasbir suggests you didn’t cry. Sumit says today we shall choose, we shall possess a fit again. Jasbir laughs and takes his problem lighting. Sumit requires did he challenges him, and get frightened.

Jasbir says oh, which means this is it, good, I take the process. Rajneesh says today it’ll be fun. Hand shakes . Jasbir claims we shall match tomorrow in battleground and taunts on his low-energy. Maya says we’re unable to rest. Sumit says I would like to practice. She calls him fool. He asks as Jasbir will even do that her to express negative terms to him, her taunts will also be great, struck him today.

How come he she asks. He claims its huge factor to get a boy to create Papa shed, if that triumph was rest, what am I that evening I was raised right into a guy. She claims not really a guy and begins taunting him in Jasbir’s design, as Sumita. He claims outstanding and practices quickly, Papa ji type taunts.

Dolly gets pakodas for Sumit its day. Sumit find it really hot and likes it. Rajneesh and Dolly want Sumit best wishes. Jasbir teases Sumit and comes there to perform. Rajneesh gets on area. Sumit and Jasbir start playing. Jasbir dances and wins a place. Results are noted by Rajneesh.

Sumit continues and gets in anger. 4 details are made by Jasbir and requires Sumit to take he dropped. Hand gets hurt. Dolly asks Sumit to mention anything. Jasbir requires and laughs Sumit may he struck on taunts. Dolly makes him angry and requires Sumit to speak nicely to his Papa ji. Sumit drops. How come he, Jasbir asks. Sumit says I m not sobbing, my eyes are sweating, today I’ll demonstrate. He performs nicely and Jasbir wins. Rajneesh requires Sumit perform after two decades and to rehearse nicely. Jasbir starts making. Sumit requires today does Jasbir experience when somebody makes additional individual gain and does acting, I’ve created by performing, you win this fit. Jasbir requires him to determine his experience.

Sumit says Papa ji made me shed and does performing to exhibit he is able to work and cries. And this was finished Jasbir says, we shall perform again. Sumit requires Jasbir’s picture to be taken by Rajneesh. Sumit will not play.

Exactly why is earning required constantly Sumit requires Jasbir. Jasbir suggests you won’t comprehend, the main one who dropped understands worth of triumph, I did so every kind of function to make a living. Jasbir suggests that is living, the champion is appreciated, I needed one to understand properly, otherwise you’ll shed in life constantly. Sumit says I am aware, this means you taunted us to create us learn did you quit playing. Since you made me lose Jasbir claims. Sumit requires really. Sumit says nowadays I dropped, I not acted, I tried difficult to get, however, you were better. Jasbir claims I realized I m winner of TT and gets happy. He dances. Sumit claims today Papa ji taught them to get and smiles seeing him content, he recognized, its fun to get rid of.

Maya and Sumit possess a battle over her snoring. She gets frustrated. Jasbir claims no-one can state Maya may do this.